Monday, January 3, 2011

Do Something Different

Do something different.

Of all the articles I've read and the shows I've watched on the subject matter of the new year - that saying sticks with me most. My family's recent relocation gives me a good jumping off point to do something different, but where do I go from here?

We've stood atop a mountain which was definitely different for me and I loved every minute of it. We've gone walking and biking in December...something else that was different for me since I've only known Ohio-living before now. I decluttered considerably which was very different for me and I feel a bit of relief with that.

But to me, to do something different means so much more than that.

I will do something different by reaching out and nurturing closer friendships in real life. Friends I consider strictly "party friends" no longer fit with my lifestyle. (Although I still love a craft brew every now and again). And let's face it, "facebook friends", while enjoyable - most won't be there if or when I really need them most. And why should they? I haven't established a close bond with many of them since high school or I may just be acquaintances with some of the others through another facet of my life.

I will do something different by creating more alone time for me and my husband. This has to be a priority. Over the last several years Hubs and I haven't done much of anything together outside of the home. With that being said, I already have a "date night" scheduled for early February to get the ball rolling. Yes, February. (That's not so bad when you consider we haven't done anything in over a year.) Haha.

I will do something different by taking my health more seriously. I hit the big 4-0 in the third quarter of 2010, and that number got me motivated like hell! One reason is my mom suffered her first mini-stroke at approximately 41 years of age. And with this extra 50 pounds jiggling around my butt, thighs and gut, I need to get to steppin' on a stair stepper! Seriously though. Better health in 2011 for me.

I will do something different by placing importance on prettying myself up. I will no longer put off my hair cut, or covering my grays, or buying clothes or that special makeup I like. I will also look into having my teeth professionally whitened, possibly a microdermabrasion for my face, I will get semi-regular pedicures and maybe a manicure here and there. Oh, and I will definitely splurge on some of the yummy fragrances I've been catching a whiff of in the magazines. (We don't often spend money on a lot of extras so I will have to budget this carefully.)

So for the year 2011, I can not only DREAM, but I can DO (something different).

And let the sun shine down on me...

Taking junk to another level.
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