Monday, April 20, 2009

Crib Notes On Weaving - Shhh, Don't Tell

This post is also featured on the Junkmarket Style website.

Pssst, here's a test for junkers worldwide. What do you do with a baby crib spring found on the curbside? Shhhh, I'll give you the answer but you must keep quiet.

A crib spring and burlap makes for a beautiful wall weave display. I recently switched to a very neutral pallette with a more casual feel in my dining room. ( yesterday). This project helped achieve that look.

Notice I included Junkmarket member Bec4's ingenious wine rack idea here. It was made using a drawer from a vintage sewing table. As soon as I saw her post I knew I wanted to have my own! If you haven't seen the original...check it out. Be sure to stop by Bec4's creative blog to see all her great ideas.

Casual, right?

Cost of seed pots - $.12/ea. Cost of thrifted glass - $1. Cost of plant from local metropark plant science center - $3. Finished junk vignette - priceless.

My project all started a couple months ago while driving my daughter to preschool. Lo and behold, I found this pile of junk along the way but had to get my daughter to school first. (Let's just say it was the fastest dropoff I've ever done. hehe.)

See the crib spring among the junk goodness below??

Supplies you will need.

•crib spring
•natural burlap or fabric of your choosing (2-3 yards)
•safety pins
•picture hanging kit

Determine the size needed for your burlap strips. Make a small snip where you will cut. Instead of cutting right away, pull one thread out of the burlap where you snipped.

Now you have a perfectly straight line to use for cutting your burlap.

I highly recommend you cut all burlap strips before starting to weave.


Weaving complete! Another HIGHLY RECOMMENDed step - Have another set of eyes handy to look over your work WHILE you are weaving. My 9-year-old second set of eyes informed me multiple times I messed up the weave design. Thanks to Maddy I didn't complete the entire project before realizing my mistakes.

Just to keep the design simple, I made photocopies of pictures from a botanical book and attached them to gray cardstock. Using cool clips finished it off.

Next step, (an extra set of HANDS are nice) pull each fabric strip taut around frame and clip using a safety pin.

There are many ways to repurpose old bed springs. Check out Lani over at Cottage Elements. Her crib spring post was definitely my inspiration!

Due to safety regulations and liability with used cribs, springs are readily available in trash piles all across the nation. Be sure to pick one up for your next project and let us know what you came up with.

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing.... it looks wonderful!


  2. Candy, this is so awesome! Love the burlap you used on it. It's so IN right now! You're projects are always so fabulous! Love, love, love!


  3. Simply said, you're a genius! Adorable!


  4. Candy, I think this is one of the coolest projects you've done! Wow, I'm so impressed!

  5. Becky's wine rack is great! CAndy, your step-by-step instructions are great! I love what you came up with. ~Mindy

  6. Oh, this is too must have been reading my confused mind. Just yesterday I was looking around my completely disorganized storage building for ideas, plans, and to remind myself what I actually had out there after a long winter. The crib spring caught my eye...and I thought of Lani's post and decided it was time to consider making it a functional piece. (the crib with it does not meet code so why not)I loved Lani's ideas and combined with your weaved burlap...PERFECT!! I may use it in my sewing room, or it may make it's way to our sale in the fall. ...and I have the sweet little wine bottle/sewing machine drawer/ holder like Bec4 mentioned and it's one of my favorite things. I added a nightlight next to it and the light reflects off the wine bottle and just looks darling. Dear blog-friends, you are all such an inspiration!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Melissa - LOL. I read all your posts on your blog but don't remember seeing the one about the rusty crib spring. How cool! I wish mine had rust on it. Love, love, love your stuff too!

  8. Candy, this looks like something right out of a magazine! How smart are you? By the way, I have a 9 year old Maddie too! She loves to help me create out in my junk shop!

  9. Hey Candy...we love this project..and we love your're getting an award! Check out our blog to see what it's all about!

  10. Love it! I am also sending you an award... check out my blog!

  11. Catching up on blogging and had to tell you how darling this is!

    The Texas Woman

  12. totally cool, so inspiring. love how you recycled.

  13. Love your crib project. Great inspiration.


  14. Hi, Just found your blog. And I have been working on my own crib spring project! Dang! Thought I was original! :) But loving your burlap idea. You'll have to check out what I did with my crib spring. Should be done in a couple days. Take care!

  15. Love your repurposed baby bed springs! I linked to it from my blog:) Hugs and Blessings! ~Cheryl

  16. YOU SHOULD POST THIS AT fji--SNS TONIGHT... april 1,2011... topic: BURLAP.

    I just found this while 'swagging' baby: bed: springs: blogspot:

    I love this idea! so cool!
    I love this sort of sophisticated junk!

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