Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rogers Flea Market - Rogers, Ohio

As a mom with young children, it can be tricky getting away without kids in tow. Thanks to my husband, I was able to spend this past Friday any way I chose. Somewhat of a "Candy Allen's Day Off" sort of thing. I'm sure it won't surprise you which direction my van ending up pointing. To the local flea market!

New to me, but not to Ohio, Rogers Flea Market boasts 1600 vendors for their open air market every Friday and also holds weekly auctions on various days as well. Check out their website for full details. http://www.rogersohio.com/ Let me tell you this place does not disappoint! Just like with any flea market, get there EARLY so you miss some of the crowds and have a bit more elbow room to shop.

Isn't it funny anytime you come across a booth selling vintage signs, that song immediately pops in your head? You know what I'm talking about.

How sweet is this? I ogled quite a bit over this metal 4-1/2' sign. In fact, I was drawn back to it sometime later to give it another once over. Or would that be a "twice over"???

Understanding and abiding by vendor rules is always important. I made sure to follow this particular vendor's #4 rule, but I think he may have been sorry I did.

I purchased this awesome carnival game sign and posted about it on Facebook during my "flea" time. Amazed at my ability to lug it approximately 1/4 mile to my van by myself, I estimated it to measure 7' x 1' in my status update. Imagine my surprise finding out it actually measured 8'3"! Haha! No wonder my arm muscles were a wiggly mess hours later!

Old ribbons are a lot of fun for projects, don't you think?

Let me tell you, I could have curled up on this daybed (made from an old crib) and taken a nice, long nap! And might I add how much I loved the beautifully coordinated fabrics. Just gorgeous!

What do you think of this neat cupboard/buffet? The fresh color combo would make for a fun jumping off point when choosing a style for your room!

The crowds were out in full force, here in Ohio. With temperatures reaching the mid 80's, this flea was the place to flock to.

Chippy, rusty goodness. Need I say more?

Okay, I will say more. Chippy, rusty goodness in a can.

I guarantee you'll be a fan of this place! So much to do...so much to see!


  1. Oh my gosh... I want to go with you sometime!!! I saw SEVERAL things I would love to take home with me!!! LOL The ribbons are AWESOME!!! I give you first place in the flea market shopping department!!!

    :-) robelyn

  2. I am just drooling over everything especially the green and yellow cupboard. That is my favorite shade of green. Not to mention that I am drooling over 80's degrees. Have a great day.

  3. I dream of having this kind of a flea market in my area - sadly there isn't one. Lucky you! Looks like a ton of fun.

  4. Wow! What a fantastic flea market :o)
    I could see quite a few exiting things that caught my eye. It was an excellent choice for your 'you' day!

  5. Thanks for that post! I used to hit Rogers all the time......made me homesick.

  6. Oh my would I have liked to be there...AWESOME!

  7. I shopped there once a long time ago. thanks for the trip down memory lane. I would love to shop there again, maybe I can do it through you!

  8. I grew up in Follansbee, West Virginia and I only wish I would have liked going to flea markets back then!!! Everytime my Dad goes back to visit Family, Roger's Flea Market is a staple...along with DiCarlo's Pizza and homemade gnocchi! *Ü*

  9. I have been going to Rogers since 1992. There is nothing like it on planet earth. If you can't find it at Rogers, it simply dosent exist. Love the fresh farm produce and every year I end up bringing home another "free" kitten! LoL

  10. Thanks for the great blog post! We've recently been voted "Best Flea Market in Ohio" by Readers of Ohio Magazine. As we enter our 60th Year with a calendar full of traditional and brand new events, we hope you will come again!


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