Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Curbside Finds

This post is for all the junkers that are constantly amazed by what they find on the curb. While driving my daughter to preschool yesterday I came across a whole mess of good junk that I couldn't pass up. It was trash day...and let me tell you people, the people had the goods out waiting for my drive by. (Mind you, my daughter's school is a mere 3 minutes from our house so keep that in mind while viewing this post.)

I never go out with the intent to drive around and curb shop. However, if there is something that catches my eye on my way to wherever, I will not hesitate to pick it up. I DESPISE seeing usable items thrown in the trash. Even if I can't use something, I have been known to pick items up to donate or sell. We can all use extra cash these days, can't we?

Yes, I'm a recycler. No, I'm not hardcore. Your basic plastic, metals and paper recycler here. But there is a line I won't cross - You'll never see me toss something I know someone else might be able to use.

My final find yesterday morning was a Trek mountain bike. Yes, I said Trek. I bought my own Trek bike new over 10 years ago for close to $400. Even if there are $100 in repairs for this bike (which it doesn't appear to be), why not drive it to a donation drop off instead of trashing it? If you're hoping a guy in a pickup truck will come before the garbage man (or a mom in her minivan - sorry kids, you gotta scooch over so I can get this bike in here), oftentimes it doesn't work out that way and it just gets buried in the ground with all the other gazillion bikes.

So the next time you think 'hmmmm, maybe someone could use this', don't toss it. Either drive it to a charitable donation location or post it for FREE on Craigslist. (Candy is now stepping down from her soapbox).

What kind of curbside finds have you come across? I'd love to hear about them. Even though I complain about others, I still love to find good junk! I'll have an update with what project I'll be doing with the crib springs in the photos at a later date. ;)

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Unbelievable! Great finds, can't wait to see what you do with them! jojo

  2. Woo Hoo! Candy - your "junk angel" was watching over you!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for these treasures. I've got crib springs that I use for a project/idea board - clipping and hanging pictures, etc...for inspiration.

    I can't throw out something usable either (that's why my basement is "almost" in overflow mode...) - I've been known to sit something out in my driveway with a "free" sign on it - and you know - it usually mysteriously disappears in the night...sometimes quicker!

    Great "pick up"!! (A mini-van is our most important junking tool, isn't it??)

  3. Great finds Candy! Can't wait to see what you do with them! Love those old bed springs!

  4. My son lives in a neighborhood where homeowners put some unbelievable things at the curb! My son gets so embarrassed when Mom and Dad go out junking! That doesn't stop us...we keep on doing it...just don't tell him about it!

    By the way, Moonlight Hollow is having a great giveway...a Treasure Hunt! Would love for you to participate! Just check the blog for directions!


  5. Wowee! Good job! (I hope your husband is on the same page LOL)

    My parents used to find such incredible stuff in the 60's on the side of the road.
    I did find a White sewing machine base and four of those wonderful vintage wicker funeral baskets.

  6. So, did you kick the girl child out and tell her to walk? Not enough room for her and the cool stuff! haha That's a heck of a haul! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm sure it will be wonderful! ~Mindy

  7. Candy,great haul. You know how I love bed springs!!! I think we need to get back to being like our folks and not so wasteful, and we might have to out of necessity. Thanks for reminding us all!

    Lanette @ Cottage Elements

  8. Now, that's a great 3 minute drive...have fun with your new/old finds!!

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. I really enjoy reading them.

    Haha ~ ShabbyInTheCity. Hubs actually was NOT a fan of my junk, until he saw I could decorate and make a little money with it. ;) I love the baskets you found!!

    No, Mindy. I wouldn't make her walk...sheesh. I just tied her to the luggage rack.

    Lani - Funny you should mention your love of bed springs. I will be linking to your project that was featured in the former Country Home magazine. It was definitely MY inspiration. I'm excited about my mini bed spring find in the photo too and may do something similar to what you did! Thanks for the great ideas!

  10. Right on, Candy! I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. My best curbside finds were always in the morning bringing my kids to school, too. Now that they can drive themselves this year, I haven't done as much "shopping". I'm going to have to make a point of getting out early just to look. Great haul there, can't believe somewhere would pass on that sweet vintage suitcase. Great post!

  11. I love to curbside shop. I go every Wednesday night with my sis in law/best friend. I have gotten too many things to say. I'll just say a few...a wicker loveseat, 2 wicker chairs, tables, an old sewing machine, a piano, benches,frames and many other things. She has gotten a mantle for her living room (gorgeous),her dining room set(table and chairs),a basketball goal(me too),several doll houses. We both have gotten bed frames which make great chalk boards and benches. I probably have 12 lamps and all work fine. I have gotten my kids tons of Legos, a Gameboy and a Quantom Leap Pad, etc. They love Thursday morning :).

    What I can't use I put out in boxes and on a table marked "free stuff" like a free yard sale. People love it.

  12. Well, Candy, I quite enjoyed my first visit. Couldn't figure out, though, why the posts are pushed down past the sidebar content. Maybe that's just on my old machine.

    Good luck with your new book. From what I've seen in the blog I expect you to do well with it.

    Have you been in touch with Wondering if you might be able to sell some books through the site.

    I'll look forward to you visiting me and to see what you think. If you'd like to do a link swap let me know.

  13. There is also which is just for stuff like this.

  14. Super to have found your blog!!! My curb-find last week is a unique and beautiful over-sized
    seat. Great wood carvings and covering. Seat will not fit through my regular doors, much to my disappointment. Too large and to heavy. Been
    looking for one, to know exactly what to call it,
    on-line. Why anyone would discard this lovely old seat, I don't understand. It's extremely comfortable. All it needs is a little paint on the wooden areas and some large oversized pillows. It will show up on my blog soon.


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