Monday, September 28, 2009

From Card Table to Wall Art

While driving along minding my own business recently, I came across a pile of vintage card tables sitting by the roadside. Well you know me and how this whole junk decor thing I did a little turnaround of the van to check these goodies out. I couldn't leave them all stranded-like, ya know.

I loved what I saw. The tables were definitely vintage, some with wood legs...some metal. But most were decorated with unbelievably cool designs that you just don't see anymore. Then I spotted the superstar in the group!

Check out this black and white plaid baby! She was all nestled in among the group of brown and green tables, but I knew immediately what part of my home she was meant for. My foyer.

The foyer has a 17' ceiling so it requires larger pieces of artwork for the walls. Larger pieces of art means large amounts of cash most times, hence the walls in this area have been bare for the last 2-1/2 years...that is, until now.

From the curbside to my entrance wall. And best of all...I could cut out the middleman.

As always, take care and keep on junking!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chalk Festival 2009

I have been so busy getting my house ready for my husband's 40th birthday party lately, that it has left me with no time to have fun with my blog. Everything from painting the foyer and completing the dining room, purchasing new furniture (yay!), purchasing my first stainless gas stove and over-range microwave (double yay!), having the carpets cleaned, finalizing the menu, ordering the drinks, planting flowers, getting the lighting for the back yard purchased and designed (cool string lights), buying a fire pit, power scrubbing the deck, yard work and all the cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!! I still want to enjoy the non-school days with my family so while my husband and his buddy went to the Browns game last weekend. I took my two youngest daughters to the Cleveland Museum of Art's Chalk Festival 2009. And boy was it fun!

To keep it simple - I only included photos in this post with no text for your viewing pleasure. (Don't forget to click on the ones you love to enlarge). If you've never been to a chalk festival, you must! And be sure to check out the last photo. Hilarious!!

And this guy wins the "Greatest Dad of the Year" award in my book..or at least the most fun dad!!

As always, keep on junking...or in this case - keep on chalking!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Celebrate with Junk Photo Displays

In just a few short weeks my house will be filled with guests celebrating my husband's 40th birthday. He gave me strict orders of, "NO THEME!", so I will go along with that, however he never said, "NO JUNK!", so you know where this is going. After sifting through mounds of childhood photos of him, I went in search of junk pieces within my home that could be used as photo displays during the party. Come see what I've found so far...

I recently acquired this old gas or oil can over Labor Day weekend. While returning home from a visit to my parents' house, my husband didn't even balk when I asked to stop at a roadside yard sale. So unusual for him. ;) Maybe he knew his cute little face would soon be plastered on it with a magnet.

I actually used a photo similar to this one on his party invitation saying, "This little man has waited 40 years to party!" Heehee. I thought he could pass as having a little green thumb (or as a leprechaun) in this photo, so I pinned it to a vase of sunflowers. It coordinates quite nicely I must say.

Attaching a photo to old books reminds me and the girls how hard daddy works and goes to school to make our life better. Come graduation in March 2010, we will have him all to ourselves...finally!

I purchased this piece at a garage sale of a former dealer last week and met a fantastic family. When I told them I have a blog called, the man of the house immediately replied, "meet two junk sophisticates right there", pointing to his wife and adult daughter. I loved that! His daughter has already contacted me and I am hoping to see her around here more often. Hello if you're out there Michelle!

The frame is a former carbon-copy receipt holder. Or do they call them cc: receipt holders now?

I paired a photo of my husband's first early steps with a cute little nest retrieved from our front yard. Tucked inside the nest is a perfect seashell acting like an egg. The setting represents to me, the beginning stages of life.

Well, my hubs was the engineer of his own train back then...and I suppose he still feels that way now. I used the girls' train set and simply adhered the photo to one of the cars. This display would be great using a vintage model.

When I found old photos that showed food such as his birthday cakes or snacktime, I paired them with kitchen items and placed them in a grouping.

This is only a sampling of the photos I have ready for display so far. (I am being nice with these ones. Heehee). I wonder how he will feel once I get all his junior high and college photos out!

As always, take care and keep on junking!

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