Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chalk Festival 2009

I have been so busy getting my house ready for my husband's 40th birthday party lately, that it has left me with no time to have fun with my blog. Everything from painting the foyer and completing the dining room, purchasing new furniture (yay!), purchasing my first stainless gas stove and over-range microwave (double yay!), having the carpets cleaned, finalizing the menu, ordering the drinks, planting flowers, getting the lighting for the back yard purchased and designed (cool string lights), buying a fire pit, power scrubbing the deck, yard work and all the cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!! I still want to enjoy the non-school days with my family so while my husband and his buddy went to the Browns game last weekend. I took my two youngest daughters to the Cleveland Museum of Art's Chalk Festival 2009. And boy was it fun!

To keep it simple - I only included photos in this post with no text for your viewing pleasure. (Don't forget to click on the ones you love to enlarge). If you've never been to a chalk festival, you must! And be sure to check out the last photo. Hilarious!!

And this guy wins the "Greatest Dad of the Year" award in my book..or at least the most fun dad!!

As always, keep on junking...or in this case - keep on chalking!

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  1. Wow...this is going to be some party... I know it's a lot of work... but you are motivating me to do the dishes... LOL

    The pictures are all great! My kids would love that type of festival hands down.


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