Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Saw The Sign...

...and it opened up my eyes. I saw the sign.

And oh, what a sign it is!

As luck would have it, this old sign was still hanging in a Chagrin Falls antique shop that I strolled through a couple weeks ago. I was on the loose that day, so to speak. Free from squealing girls in tow, free from responsibilities other than to myself, and free to do as I pleased for three entire hours! That is when I saw it.

I had to leave it behind that day though, to mull over the purchase, knowing full well how these sort of things go.

Here today...gone tomorrow.

I was worried. But that's the risk you take (and appeal) of shopping vintage and antique stores. I was willing to take that risk as I peered over my shoulder at it before leaving the shop.

Fast forward a few weeks later and you see that it is now on my front doorstep! Ready to be hung in just the right spot in my home. Measuring 2' x 3', I'll figure that part out.

But this time, however, I get to mull over the decision with no additional worries.

Black and white
with numbers and letters.
Chippy and old.
What could be better?

Take care and have a great day! Please stop back and join me in taking junk to another level!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As They Say...It's the Little Things

How can a refrigerator convey love so powerfully?

When you ask your husband if he can empty it while you head out the door to the market, knowing there will be room for a fresh batch of food to fill it's shelves and bins when you return.

But upon your arrival home, you not only see your refrigerator devoid of all leftovers that have been long left over...and that the bins no longer hold the former lives of fruits and veggies you were unfortunately not able to put to use... also see, a completely spotless fridge.

Cleaned to perfection.

Top to bottom.

Bright as sunshine.

I'll take that over flowers any day.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Procrastinator's Planters

I'll be first to admit that I can be a procrastinator at times. Not necessarily out of laziness, but rather out of having a constant nagging I have so much to get done, I need to push this one thing off yet another day feeling in my brain. The problem is, those days can turn into weeks, which can then turn into months. You will, however, always find me working on getting my priorities straight, but I just can't seem to get everything done that I want to...the right way and at the right time. Am I being a little hard on myself today? Possibly. But today is the day I actually got something "extra" done and wanted to share.

Remember the galvanized metal rectangle crates I purchased during Oronoco Gold Rush Days during my trip to Minnesota last year? Well, I thought they would make for perfect garden planters whether it be on my deck out back or as window boxes in the front. So please allow me to show you how to pretty them up for summer...even if it is almost mid-July. ;)

I couldn't have picked a nicer day weather-wise to pick up where I left off. (The flowers were purchased over a month ago and have been sitting next to the house all this time). Ohio has been in the 90's this past week but I was lucky to be basking in temps measuring in the low to mid-70's while planting my heart out. Sweet!

So let's get started.

For those that know me and my budgetary beliefs on EVERYTHING, I chose to use a piece of a plastic garbage bag for the bottom of each of my planters instead of the more expensive sphagnum moss. Unless your planter will be hanging and the underside viewable, it really isn't necessary.

Be sure to cut small holes in your plastic bag for drainage.

Next, mist sphagnum moss with water so it is more pliable for use. Start removing small handfuls of it and line the bottom couple inches of the crate's interior. That way, an inch or two of soil can be added to get things rolling.

Here's the dirt on dirt: I chose a premixed potting mixture this time around. The added expense seemed to actually be worth not having to mix my own and not having an excess amount left over. Plus, you could even say it was a time saver. I mean really. I'd waited a month to plant the flowers as it was, why add another ten minutes doing any more mixing?

As you can see here, it is all coming along nicely.

Continue to add a few inches of height to the interior with the moist sphagnum and fill the soil near the same level while doing so. By doing this, everything is held together quite snuggly and will not fall apart.

Loosely place plants inside so you get an idea of what the end result will be.

Then, place plants firmly into very moist soil. Your planter will blossom beautifully in no time!

Oh, and just so you know. My motivation to get these planters finally completed before the weekend was because I am hosting a mini-reunion for my 68-year-old mom and her four siblings this Saturday. Unfortunately they had lost touch over the years but due the powers of Facebook, I was located by my Aunt's daughter-in-law who was searching for my parents to reunite the brothers and sisters. Isn't that fantastic? So for all you naysayers of Facebook out there...realize there can be a lot of good that comes from it.

Have a great day everyone! Join in on taking junk to another level with me!

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