Friday, October 30, 2009

A Junky Halloween Movie Festival

The Shining...Bowl (1980)

As I head into this fright-filled Halloween weekend, I leave you this list of some of the most top-rated scary junk movies out there. BEWARE!!! THEY JUST MIGHT SCARE THE JUNK OUT OF YOU!

Grindhouse (2007)

The Hound of the Bassettvilles (1959)

Invasion of the Burlap Sackers (1978)

What Ever Happened to Baby Coke? (1962)

The Lube Witch Project (1999)

Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Dr. Dominos and Mr. Doorknob (1931)

JARS (1975)

Misery (1990)

What other scary junk movies have you seen? I'd love to hear about them? Have a wonderful Halloween weekend everyone!

As always, take care and keep on junking!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emerging from the Lab-OR-atory...

Emerging from the dark, dusty Dominos & Doorknobs Lab-OR-atory, is the deranged Junk Sophisticator...waiting, just waiting, to amass all its curbside findings from YOUR home. Yes, YOUR home! BEWARE THE JUNK SOPHISTICATOR. There is no stopping it. Bwah ha ha ha....

You Have Been BOO'd!

The air is cool, the season is fall,

Soon Halloween will come to all.

Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore...

Tricky witches at your door.

The spooks are after things to do,

In fact, a spook brought this "BOO" to you.

The excitement comes when friends like you,

Copy this note and make it two.

We'll all have smiles on our faces,

When we see who Boo'd who's places.

I was Boo'd by ALVN@WhisperwoodCottage. Now...

The following 4 ladies have been officially BOO'd...

Kathy@SylviasVintageDaughter - Wonderful junking buddy and expert vintage stash and junk locator.

Marybeth@DownHomeDIY - Designer and rehab/repurposing extroidinaire!

GariAnn@TheUndomesticatedWife -Fabulous pet lover and thrifty garage-saler with a witty personality, teetering on the edge of being domestic! ;)

Janis@JunkDreams - Proprieter of pretty things, creator of lots of bling. This blogger is classy!

This BOO party was started by Toni@The Tattered Cottage. Please keep the fun going by following these instructions.

1. You have 24 hours to work your spell

2. Copy and post the Halloween Boo Poem with the instructions for playing.

3. Pick 4 blogs you enjoying visiting and tell why you enjoy visiting them, with a link to
their blog and remember to link back to me.

4. Go to the original BOO Party post at the Tattered Cottage and add your MckLinky.

5. Let's see how fast and far this spreads between now and Halloween.

This was fun! Happy Halloween to all!

As always, take care and keep on junking!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Krispy Kreme Offers a Sweet Break

With the girls having the day off from school due to NEOTA day (North East Ohio Teachers Association), I wanted something simple and fun for the them to do. As soon as I realized there was a Krispy Kreme in a nearby city, I knew that's just what our sweet teeth ordered!

This yummy donut shop was especially fun because we could actually see the workers making, decorating and packing the donuts! The manager even stepped away from all his duties to provide the girls cute retro Krispy Kreme caps, and asked if there were any questions regarding donut making. I thought that made our little trip even more fun!

A day off from school is always good, but a day off from school with a yummy, warm donut in hand is even better!

For the entire month of October, this Middleburg Heights, Ohio store is wonderfully decorated for Halloween...doing a perfect job coordinating with their donuts, don't you think?

We made sure to order enough for leftovers. Krispy Kreme even provided microwave reheating instructions on their box so we could have a warm, yummy donut at home!

Cute minis! 20 to a box and perfect for the minis in my home!

Definitely a great treat for the girls on their day off...or any day for that matter. I enjoyed it myself too, thank you very much. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone! As always, take care and keep on junking!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Store Candy Display Turned Spice Rack

Old store displays are always fun to find. I was happy to grab this particular candy display rack for a song during Peddler Day in Peninsula, Ohio recently.
Who am I kidding? I just about went BONKERS when I saw it! And when the vendor explained he just wanted to "get rid of everything", I almost popped! I know that phrase generally means great stuff on the cheap!

The best part is I knew just how to put it to work! Here's a little secret I need to share with all of you...

My spice drawer has organizational issues. It has become such a mess that it has actually spilled into a basket in the kitchen cabinets as well! Shameful! Well, not any longer!

What do you see here? I see organization! ALPHABETIZED organization too!

And it fits on the counter nicely between my gas range and the refrigerator. Perfect!

Now I can go back to living my life the way I've always dreamed. The old spice drawer had been keeping me up most nights, but not anymore! Have you organized with junk? We'd love to hear about it!

As always, take care and keep on junking!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shop Junk Sophisticate

I am finally open for business and officially a "shopkeeper"! A shopkeeper is the title given to me by Secret Garden's owner, Diane Wilbur. (It's another name for vendor, however, I will work there a couple days a month so essentially will be keeping shop during those days). My space is quite small, but I wanted to get my feet wet before I really took a major plunge.

My space will be filled with many of the vintage style and junk decor wares you've all seen in my blog posts or on JUNKMARKET Style.

My shopkeeper number is #11 and I have placed blog cards in my space if you'd like to grab one. I bet you'll be able to tell it's my stuff though, just by the look of the space. ;) Junk Decor baby!

Secret Garden - Located in picturesque Aurora, Ohio - 196 South Chillicothe Rd. Shop hours currently 11am - 5pm seven days a week. Effective November 1st, shop hours change to 10am - 5pm M - F with extended hours on Thursdays to 9pm.

Next door to Chet Edwards Home Furnishings.

And just two doors down from Three Elysabethe's French Country Shop.

You can visit The Baby & Kids Shop located behind Chet Edwards and Three Elysabethe's!

There is also fabulous shopping 1/4 mile south of us at Aurora Farms Premium Outlets which ironically used to hold one of my favorite flea markets in the area. It is gorgeous now!

If you've traveled far, and you'd like to rest your weary head, make sure to reserve a room at the beautiful historic Aurora Inn which is now owned by Mario's International Spas & Hotels. (I had my wedding and reception here and it's lovely).

I hope to see you at Secret Garden...and please shop Junk Sophisticate!

As always, take care and keep on junking!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great American Barn Sale

My four and six year old went along with me to a sale that claimed to be a "GREAT AMERICAN BARN SALE" this weekend. At least that's how it read in the newspaper and on craigslist. Let me tell you , they were not kidding!

Unfortunately I had not budgeted properly for my junk purchases over the weekend, however, the homeowner and his helpers/friends assisted with that by placing extremely reasonable prices on EVERYTHING! Check out what I was able to bring home with me.

Isn't this iron bed fabulous? I don't know what it is about rust but I can't get enough! I have plans of spraying it with a couple coats of polyurethene and calling it a day. Love it as is! Make sure you click on each photo to see all the great detail.

The frame may end up in my space at the shop I've been telling you about. I'm meeting with the owner this evening so I hope to have more information regarding the open house ASAP.

Here is another beauty. It came with the headboard and footboard, but without rails. No worries though. I'll think of something for it! A closeup shot of the center of the headboard is in the first photo of this post. Such a great look for Fall!

I grabbed some ammo boxes. They read, "AMMUNITION FOR CANNON WITH EXPLOSIVE PROJECTILES. I thought it nice to keep a couple of those handy.

This iron cart on wheels' original purpose looked to be some sort of grilling station. Well, you know me and my thoughts on repurposing. I'll be looking at it in a whole new light. You'll see...

I always love vintage coke bottles...or any bottle for that matter. Nestled inside a Dodger Cola crate, these bottles will make a great centerpiece for a spring or summer event.

More burlap sacks? Yep...maybe it has become an obsession. But with so many easy projects that use burlap, don't ever pass them up.

I really loved the sacks with the simple blue striping down the center.

Glass electrical insulators are just cool to look at, aren't they? Great for projects too.

Needless to say, the sale was great. Complete with popcorn, drinks, and a burning fire pit to take the chill off. I hope the girls of the sale stay in touch so they can enjoy vintage style and junk decor as much as I do.

As always, take care and keep on junking!

*Edited to add this post was submitted to Flea Market Style's "I'm a Flea Marketeer" Linky Party!" Make sure to check out all the other great submissions.

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