Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. THRIFTday!

Does this look like it came straight from a saloon, or what? Today's THRIFTday post shows how easy it is to find a piece in one store, then walk into another store and fnd its mate!

I found this beauty for only $4.49 and boy is she heavy! It was 1/2 off day at this particular thrift store so my heart skipped a beat when I held her in my hands realizing she was all mine.

Check out this set of glassware I purchased at another thrift store just moments later. The store originally marked it at $9.95 for the box of six, however one broke and the set was discounted to $3.95. Cha-ching for me! I thought easy enough. I could always mix it up with other mismatched glasses if necessary.

The insignia is military with black and gold detailing. Very nice.

The glasses include a little drinking song on the back. See if your guests are interested in livening up the party by singing away!

For about $10, you too can create a thrift store compilation that your friends will oooo and ahhh over. There is definitely no use for cookie cutter decor in my home! :)

Time to share your THRIFTday finds everyone! Just post on your blog, leave a comment below...and don't forget to link back to Junk Sophisticate!

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Candy - beautiful job my friend - and that tray was the deal of the day - what an awesome piece! Darn - I didn't get a thriftday post done for this week - will be back on track next week! :)

    Love your style as always!


  2. I Love this blog and I love Thrift Stores.
    I'm new myself to blogging (so I'm looking for followers) and I'm not so sure how to link, but I can tell you that on my 9/11 blog I listed my most recent thrift store find! Cute little thrift store...I love this thrift store! Please feel free to follow me. I'll be working on updating and linking! Happy Thrift Day!

  3. Candy,
    You are always thinking outside of the box. Love it.
    Take Care

  4. Half-price favorite day! Good finds.

  5. What fun! I'm ready for Happy Hour!


  6. I love the glasses and the song, that's so cool!

    I also noticed how empty your Jim Beam bottle is. Time to hit the store! :b

  7. Awesome. Somedays don't you just feel that the thrifting gods are with you.
    Nice find !

  8. It's Jack Daniels, and I bought it to make TGIFriday's tasty Jack Daniels dipping sauce...I swear! :)
    Thanks everyone!


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