Thursday, October 15, 2009

Store Candy Display Turned Spice Rack

Old store displays are always fun to find. I was happy to grab this particular candy display rack for a song during Peddler Day in Peninsula, Ohio recently.
Who am I kidding? I just about went BONKERS when I saw it! And when the vendor explained he just wanted to "get rid of everything", I almost popped! I know that phrase generally means great stuff on the cheap!

The best part is I knew just how to put it to work! Here's a little secret I need to share with all of you...

My spice drawer has organizational issues. It has become such a mess that it has actually spilled into a basket in the kitchen cabinets as well! Shameful! Well, not any longer!

What do you see here? I see organization! ALPHABETIZED organization too!

And it fits on the counter nicely between my gas range and the refrigerator. Perfect!

Now I can go back to living my life the way I've always dreamed. The old spice drawer had been keeping me up most nights, but not anymore! Have you organized with junk? We'd love to hear about it!

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Wow, that works perfectly! Proof that all it takes is a little vision...there really is so much potential for the things that get thrown out.

  2. very inventive - love the use of junk in unexpected places. I'll show you a couple shots in a future posting of mine!! Happy Thursday!

  3. I love it!!! Here's my confession to you...I have never had a spice rack OR a spice drawer! Never! Of course, there is a burn ban on my house due to the fact that sometimes I think I can cook...
    Microwave food comes pre-spiced. HaHa!

    I love it though - you are so creative!!!

    :-) Robelyn

  4. love it !!! i too have a thing for old store displays and i like anything old a win on both's a tip though you might want to try....turn the jars upside down....the tops are better looking than the bottoms and more colorful.....and they are hidden when mostly when you have them right side up.......just a suggestion (of course i suppose you will have to know your spices??

  5. I'm amazed on the way you created your own spice rack.

  6. This is really great ideas recycling a candy display into a spice rack.So creative. You can also repaint it to make more beautiful.

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