Monday, April 19, 2010

My Three Daughters

If you haven't met my girls before, I'd like to introduce each of them to you. We're all friends, right? I, myself, have four sisters and no brothers so honestly, having only girls in my family is all I've ever known. I am happy to say these three sweeties are the main reason for my absence in blogland most times. As many times as they drive my husband crazy, they melt his heart 100 times more.


My baby, Margaret, is the most "talkiest" little thing you'll ever meet. Apparently she has a lot to say. She is my *girly girl* and absolutely refuses to wear anything but a skirt or dress on a daily basis. This five-year-old tiptoes everywhere in her invisible high heels and tries to keep her thumb sucking habit away from our eyesight. (She's working hard on conquering this addiction.) Whatever you wish to call her - Margaret, Meg, Meggie or even Megert - she'll make sure you won't ever forget who she is.


Elisabeth is one six-year-old who knows what she wants. This could lead to a really successful life for her later on, but you can imagine the regular *debates* that occur here. ;) Ellie Bean (or E.Claire as she's also known) is extremely loving and quite sensitive, and she always shares the most beautiful smile. She currently takes swimming lessons, enjoys spending time with her kitty, Domino, and is looking forward to Art Camp this summer.


This ten-year-old may be small, but she packs a lot of punch! Madeleine is my firstborn and definitely got my curls...which she HATES. She is my over achiever and does well in almost everything she sets her mind to. Being accepted into the gifted 6th grade program for Fall/2010 and excelling in gymnastics competitions are only a couple of her accomplishments. I will be very interested in seeing what Maddy wants to do with her life.

So now that you read about my girls, I hope you understand why I am not blogging as much as I used to. My husband and I recently surprised our girls with vacation plans that we knew they'd be really excited about. We'll be headed to Orlando next month to meet the Mouse! (And for some, more importantly, the Princesses.)

I am happy to share my money-saving tips for a Disney World trip for you and your family! So please, check back often for future budget friendly posts. I don't just "junk" you know! ;)


  1. Your girls are just lovely...sweetness shines through!

  2. Oh it's so nice to meet your daughters. They look like they are alot of fun. I have 3 girls also just a little older but I feel I'm still a youg Mom. So you are coming our way. I sure hope we are still having beautiful weather for you.
    I use to work for the mouse a long time ago(1971shhhh)I was 9 only kidding I was 18 my first job out of high school.
    Wave to me when you fly in. We are pretty close to the airport. I'll be lookin for ya.
    Have fun.

  3. Good gracious Candy - how GORGEOUS are your girls!!! You are SO going to have your hands full when dating happens... yeah - i said it. LOLOL

    Disney ROCKS!!! Please take LOTS of pictures while you are there and tell the Girls you have to have a while to brag about them some more!!! The Diva will be all over you bragging about her, Ms. Ellie will be telling you exactly what to say about her - and Ms. Maddy will be in charge of spell-check and grammar.

    ;-) robelyn

  4. What beautiful girls you have..Have a great week..

  5. What beautiful children. You and your husband should be very proud.
    Love to hear about the plans for vacation.
    As Always
    Take Care

  6. So sweet.Makes me wish I had a girl.

  7. Candy, your daughters are adorable. The two oldest resemble you, and I love the curls. Such sweeties too.

  8. Hi Candy,
    Your girls are nice to see your family!

  9. Such beautiful little girls, I am sure they do keep you busy and you should enjoy every minute of it! Have a nice day!

  10. It was a pleasure "meeting" your daughters. So, beautiful and full of fun. You are very blessed. All girls?? Wow.

  11. Very cute little girls! Sigh. There are just males in my house, but I do have sisters and nieces who share my love of shopping, cooking and chatting! Great post, Candy!

    Have fun in Orlando...we took the boys about five years ago and they really enjoyed it!


  12. Although not a post about junking - I look forward to hearing about your Disney plans as we maybe following in your footsteps soon. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your girls with us - they are very sweet!

  13. Candy - love your pics - such beautiful daughters (times three)! I've met Meg (and yes, she is a sweetie pie),and am looking forward to meeting Ellie and Maddy too! Have lots of BIG fun at Disney!

    Hugs, Kathy

  14. Candy, your girls are just lovely! Have a wonderful time at Disney.
    A little birdie told me you wouldn't be in MN?

  15. oh! your girls are beautiful! what a fun-filled, action-packed life! you are truly blessed!

  16. check out for ways to save money at Disney World and Disneyland! Have fun!

  17. Your daughters are so beautiful! I have a two year old that also tiptoes around like she's wearing high heels. You are a lucky momma!


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