Friday, February 25, 2011

My World

While sifting through a few boxes of buried treasures, I came across this vintage metal globe I purchased a few years ago. Sure, it had a bit of rust along it's bottom...but who really cares, right?

Apparently Pippa liked it as much as I did, prancing around the shiny blue ball - becoming all "fluffed" as if it were a prize she'd caught.

Funny thing is...I could relate.

Hope you enjoy the weekend in your world!

Taking junk to another level.


  1. Pippa! I love that name. And the globe is pretty amazing. You have a good weekend. And come see me! ~Mindy

  2. I used to have a globe exactly like that since I was a young girl. Just recently I was wondering if I sold it or stored it. Hopefully, it's in storage 'cause I really would like to keep it. Love the kitty!

  3. Oooooh, I love globes! And I love the colors on that one, good find (or "re-find" as the case may be!).

  4. Candy, have a great weekend in your little corner of the world! I love your kitty's name too - sweet! Hugs, Kathy (shoveling out in Ohio!)

  5. I love the globe! That is my new favorite item to collect!

  6. Oh I love finding those things I forgot I have. The rusty globe is is little Pippa.

  7. very cool globe! still wish you were coming with us to the sale... you don't even have to be there! just set up and take down. but even if you don't, i know you'll have fun spending time with family.

  8. Hi Cindy:

    I love that globe! The bottom is different from all of mine. I have globe envy now.

    Here's a post about mine:

    Love you blog!

    Annie @ The View from 256

  9. Glad to see ya. I've been wondering how you are doing in your new surroundings.

    Kenda (rustydiva)

  10. The cat and globe looks great. Great post!

  11. Absolutely pretty treasure, the bottom has splendid detail! Love love your cat Pippa, so adorable.

  12. Love your purpose. I, too, am into remaking, reusing, rethinking it all.
    Nice photography---what make and model of camera do you use for your photo shoots? I need to upgrade for recording my own art and my students' projects.

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  15. I adore vintage maps and globes.....and kitties
    The Ladies at Crafton Abbey

  16. A vintage globe, where in the world did you find that? Your cat sure does look pleased with herself on her discovery. What are your plans for the globe? I love the name Pippa! Thank you for the awesome pictures.

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