Monday, October 20, 2008

Flea market finds

We have been so busy lately! We are hosting my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary on the 25th (this Saturday!) so we've been trying to get things done around the house. Replacing the bathroom light fixture, hung new curtain panels and rod for patio doors (great budget idea in an upcoming post, by the way), painting the stairway (balusters, treads, risers and panel moulding), carpets cleaned on Wednesday, washing all downstairs windows by Thursday, (yikes!), decluttering, preparing centerpieces, and I'm sure there's more. Therefore I have had limited time to post and also to junk! I think I'm going through withdrawal.

That being said I did go to a local flea market at 6:30am Sunday morning and I hit the jackpot on some pieces I've wanted. I think I did pretty well with the funds I had.

Probably one of my favorites finds was one of the least expensive and goofiest. This wash room sign is small but will look great in the bathroom. I plan on attaching it to a shelf rather than the door only because I want to minimize any patch work we need to do if we ever sell. Notice the tiny vintage pottery behind it with embossed polka dots. It is covered with crazing however it was too adorable to pass up.

I thought the shoe-shine brushes were great, especially the wood one with old business graphics on it. The clock has art deco detailing on the bottom edge which you can't see from the photo. And it works! I bought two vintage white folding tape measures. One I shaped into an "A" to represent our last name...the other I'll probably just leave folded up.

I finally purchased a corbel! I think it is larger than what it appears in the photo. I was so excited!

This metal file box is covered with a faux leather exterior. At least I think it's faux.

My other favorite piece I found was this pretty sizely shelf. I had hopes I could hang it in the bathroom but when I attempted to do so I realized it would be fine for women, however the men's right ear would be saying "hello shelf". I wasn't too happy. My second option is our living room which I think it will look great in.

I hope you got to go junking this weekend. Let me know how you did! I always love hearing about other people's finds and suggestions for mine.

I also wanted to wish my sister Happy Birthday. We haven't spoken much in the last couple years but wanted to give her a shout out on this day.



  1. Nothing like having company to force you to finish projects around the house, huh? LOL

    I love the wash room sign! And that shelf looks like it would look good anywhere.

    No junking for me. I wanted to go to the flea market yesterday (it's held every 3rd weekend of the month), but hubs wanted to go to the botanical garden. Darn, maybe next month!

  2. Yup. I make up occasions, just to host parties and clean my house. Otherwise, it goes to poop. Have fun hosting the party!

    I have a "Rest Room" sign that is in the hall on the wall next to the bathroom door. Everyone comments on it. So, I'm sure yours will be a hit.

    The wood measuring stick things? I use them for curtain rods for sheers in my dining room.

    That's a nice pile of stuff there! As for me and junking. None this weekend. But, I'm scheduled for some. he he he ~Mindy

  3. Hi Candy:

    I stumbled across your blog last week. OOOOOH I love it. Your autumny front door display inspired me to create one of my own based on a vintage wooden ladder vs. a shutter. The two chairs I used for the plants are trash picked. The small one was dicarded from the kindergarten room of the school that closed across the street. The other has a cross carved into it and a cubby for a hymnal. It was left out at the Baptist Church's trash.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Anne at the View from 256

  4. Love, love, love the wash room sign! One of these days I'll come across one...



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