Monday, October 13, 2008

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock. I Found My Clock!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I can get used to this Indian Summer weather here in Ohio. It's just been gorgeous and I hope you are experiencing the same. Well, my jaunt to a local thrift store and flea market didn't score much of anything in quantity however what I did find, I love.

I finally found a clock! I see so many home decorating books, magazines, websites and blogs with old clocks with fantastic faces. Well I finally found one! A non-working rusty Gilbert clock that is supposedly 80 years old. It's pretty beat up but I love the rusty patina. For $5 what do you expect? It looks great in a great mixed in with a neutral vignette.

I don't collect Fiestaware however when I saw this piece for $4.99 I knew I wanted it. Wouldn't a pretty arrangement of fall flowers look great in this? It has a couple of hairlines but all I'll do is turn the larger hairline to the back and guests will be none the wiser. That fits me to a T...always trying to hide those flaws! Now I own a piece of vintage Fiesta pottery. My first.

I collect vintage white pottery. However, if it is inexpensive, I will buy most any color as long as it's USA made and with a matte finish. As many of you know, this type of collection is very affordable. Oftentimes the pottery I find isn't perfect, therefore, I can buy them for less than $5.00 each.

I came across a white piece of Haeger that I didn't have and snatched it up for $3.99. It is actually pretty close to mint condition which makes me happy.

This adorable piece of USA pottery is gray. I haven't been lucky enough to find many pieces that are gray but would love that collection. At $2.99 it was a price I liked. (A bit blurry...sorry).

My junk breakdown moment of the weekend occurred when I got home from the little flea market I went to. A vendor there had a beautiful 18" apothocary jar that retails new for approximately $35.00. He had a price tag on it for $15 however I got him to sell it to me for 8 bucks. Great deal, right? It even came with pretty holiday decor inside. Well I got it home and was trying to juggle too many things at once while removing it from the box. Needless to say I tipped it allowing the beautiful pointed lid to come crashing down on my dining room table. I cried...literally. Just mad at myself, I guess.

And finally, I got this rusty junk piece of a cheese grater. It's cylindrical which makes for an easy tea-light holder. Any other creative thoughts for this piece of junk...please forward them on to me!

Take care and have a wonderful warm weather week! Keep on junking!



  1. *faint* that Fiesta piece for only 4.99? Wow!!

    I love that clock. It's just so cute, so vintage, so filled with character. Great find!

    Everything else, too! And score one for you for talking down that guy from $15 to $8!

  2. i LOVE the clock!

    and the Fiestaware piece! LOVE it! :) what a steal!

    You're one fancy junk lady! Love seeing your finds!

  3. Girl LOVE your finds! I collect old pottery creams, whites, etc. And clocks when I find them cheap. I would love to find some old clock faces to display on my mantle. You are so lucky with the indian summer...we have already had snow flurries. cherry

  4. The clock is awesome, and for only $5.00 is a steal. Love it!
    I too, am looking for a cool clock to add to my decor.

  5. I love all your finds, especially that cool clock! Sorry you broke the top of the apothecary jar!

  6. LOVE the clock! You did good! ~Mindy

  7. I love all your junk finds, but especially that clock!! It is gorgeous...perfect in its imperfection!

    I have a great give-away going on with Ki of Junk Revolution. I'd love it if you'd take part, and the icing in the cake would be if you'd help spread the word about it to all your fellow junkers and readers. Ki's website is making its official debut very soon, and this is one of the ways she is celebrating it. The prizes are very generous.

    Check it out:

  8. Hi Candy,

    You're blog is wonderful. Love all of the pictures of your finds. The clock is very cool. I collect clocks and have never found one like this. A simple idea for the round cheese grater is to slip an inexpensive cylindrical vase or a small recycled jar inside and use it for a fresh florals. I can see it with beautiful tulips.

    Be well,


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