Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Inspiration

all photos source: Country Living

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about a home you've never stepped into, never driven by, never seen in real life? The kind of home that's so special that no matter how much love you put into your own home's decor, it just doesn't quite get to the level of that home? For me, Monique and Keith Keegan own "that" home in Granville, Ohio.

Found on the pages of Country Living magazine and immediately into my soul, their home transformed my decorating style completely. I guess you could say I had an "aha! moment", ala Oprah, when I saw the first photo. It has been my inspiration, my goal ever since, to create a home as unique and comfortable as the Keegans'.

Due to the positive response from guests entering Stonehill (the name given to the home by the Keegans), Monique started her own design practice, Enjoy Co.

And don't get the impression the Keegan home was move-in ready when they purchased it. It was actually a labor of love and took three years to complete their vision. Read more about their journey here and here in Country Living magazine.


  1. I loved that home ever since I saw it in CL, but the antiques alone also made my heart skip a beat. What awesome things she had and the way she displayed, over the top! Have a great weekend, T

  2. Yes, I remember this home too! I've saved the magazine just because of this everything about it!

  3. yes, I too love the simplistic design elements in this home. the industrial pieces alone make me swoon. and i know what you mean by the "aha" moment...been there!
    love your new blog title crisp & (swoon) industrial.
    ~judi ;)

  4. That is a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. Hi Candy! I saw that home in CL, too. I actually tore the pages out and like you, have been trying to emmulate this look as well!!!! I just love it!!! Cynthia

  6. Yep...tore out the pages too! Such an inspiring place!

  7. It IS such a lovely home- such character, and the personality of the homeowners shines through!

  8. So much junk to salvage and so little time...;-)
    Greetings from SWEDEN, H.

  9. Almost every room reminds me of a doctor's office except the bedroom. Not my cup of tea.


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