Monday, March 1, 2010

A Simple Fixer Upper

Okay, folks, get ready to roll up your sleeves for this fixer upper project. I just hope everyone can keep up with me on this one. ;)

I found this blue mason jar at a rummage sale, complete with acrylic garden art attached. Since this type of artwork doesn't really fit in with my decor, I continued to examine the jar and determined it had good, glass. So I turned it rightside up to read the price tag...

$17.95!! The junk gods must be crazy! Hmph!
(But it does have good glass, right?)

Actually, the price for me was $0.25. It appears the church rummage sale where I found it had received donations from a local antique mall. I guess the bargain gods stopped in that day.

Okay, back to the fixer-upper part. Check those sleeves of yours to make sure they're rolled up!

Supplies needed:
acetone nail polish remover
paper towel

Gently pour a small amount of acetone onto your paper towel and get that elbow grease working by rubbing it overtop the acrylic paint. Aren't you glad I reminded you to roll up your sleeves? This is hard work, people!

Whew! Thank goodness my $0.25 investment worked out or this post would have been embarrassing, wouldn't you say?

Now that I know what I am capable of, I think the next project in line will be resurfacing the kitchen cabinets. What do you think?


  1. Now that is a great fixer upper! :) $0.25 is my kinda price. Kitchen cabinets... go for it!!

  2. Now that's a really great fix. Love the colour of the jar - a very lucky find :o)

  3. Too funny...your hard work paid off!

  4. I think... re-surfacing the kitchen cabinets is going to be even harder work - but it could be just as rewarding!!!

    LOVE the jar!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  5. I was wondering how that worked. Thanks for the great tutorial.

    As always, take care.

  6. Hi Candy- that is a great hint! I probably would have walked right on past that jar!

  7. Are you going to use acetone on your kitchen cabinets?! Hope not! Good luck with that...hope you share with us!

  8. Great buy, love those old zinc lidded canning jars. Have "fun" doing your cabinets, I did mine a few years is hard work stripping, priming, painting and sealing...but worth every hour I spent on them!

  9. Hooray for elbow grease...and acetone. Great find!

  10. Ha ha!! Phew, I think I'm finally ready to tackle a jar on my own now! Wish me luck! :) Marie


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