Monday, March 15, 2010

Dining Room Redo {Part 1}

My dining room is slowly being transformed from a traditionally decorated room to one with more of a rustic industrial feel. Here is one of the shelving units I used to give you an idea of where I am going with the room style-wise. (Follow up posts to come).

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, this beholder thinks this is definitely a beauty!

By the way, I found this metal shelf by the roadside. The homeowner even helped me load it into my van! Gotta love that!

This shelf became the perfect piece to store my favorite vases. I love the vintage green one shown. Found at a thrift store for only $0.50.

Mason jars with zinc lids come in handy in the dining room. I've added all kinds of doodads inside them and they simply add the coolest charm to any area in your home.

How do you like my $0.99 white African Violet?

I've had the shimmery vintage ice bucket shown below for many years now. Not only does it add great style at parties, it also brings a shiny bling to my shelf display when not in use, wouldn't you say?

This vintage military loaf pan works hard in this room. Each section is fantastic for holding dining room necessities like candles, their holders, cloth napkins, and more! Check out more fabulous loaf pan uses at Miss Mustard Seed's Creative Blog. You'll love them!

Some of you may recognize this burlap sack wall art piece from a previous post of mine. I decided it looked a hundred times better in this room so I moved it right in! Movable junk is always good.

So there you have it! The kickoff to my dining room redo actually came about because of the help of one man who loaded his roadside freebie metal shelf into my van. What a guy!

Have you ever had someone help you take away their "junk" before? What kind of stories can you share with us? I'd love to hear them!

And thank you all so much for providing so many blogs for me to take a look at! Some are new to me and many I recognize. I can't wait to stop by for a visit! If you'd like to share your blog with me, click here to leave your url.

A version of this post was featured on JUNKMARKET Style titled,

All the Pretty Junk.


  1. Perfect, purposeful - powerful - posh.... Love it! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  2. I love the look you are moving to in your dining room. That roadside find was definitely a "trash to treasure".

  3. Candy - I love it!!! The burlap piece is super fantastic over your shelf (that is hilarious - I love homeowners like that!!!) and all of your fun stuff is gorgeous!!!

    ;-) Can't wait to see what else you come up with!!!


  4. This is looking great- I'm looking forward to seeing more! I love those old loaf pans- I have one for miniature loaves, that is great for supplies!

  5. Candy...great this style!! Very cool Burlap sack!

  6. I love it--so many interesting things to look at! Oh, and I planted a little primrose in a Mason jar of rocks yesterday--thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I noticed the ice bucket right mom still uses hers. She's had it for as long as I can remember. Your vignettes look pretty...hope to see the whole room soon.

  8. Loving the Redoing of your dining room. The industrial rustic look really works. I have several fryer baskets that I'm anxious to do something with, I think of your fryer projects whenever I see them (more like whenever I'm stepping around them). So nice to get free junk, and they to have help with it too.

  9. I am in the middle of a DR wallpaper stripping project and then will be painting DR and kitchen. I love all of your inspiration...Thanks.

  10. great find! i'm loving the rustic industrial look and your shelf and nik naks are perfect!

  11. LOVE the industrial look! And the african violet! Is that what's in the jar w/the river stones as well?

  12. Your dining room is looking quite awesome there, woman! LOVE IT. Can't wait to see what you've done with the table and other areas! Andrea

  13. Love the ice bucket. I have three of them that operate as bookends/decorative junk drawer.

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