Thursday, June 17, 2010

Name That Wire Basket

Hi all! I have been away quite awhile, haven't I? Sheesh! Well, we returned from Disney, I participated in a community garage sale and I am currently getting my house together (and life since I'm approaching 40). So a lot has been going on. Let me start off by telling you how grateful I am to have you in my life! After reading the comments from yesterday's post, it gave me an even better sense of how caring and loyal you all are. You do not know how much it really meant to me. You couldn't possibly know.

I'm going to get right back in the swing of things by reaching out to all you savvy junking folks out there...the thrift store shoppers...the garage salers...the flea marketers and the antique dealers. You know who you are.

You see, I had the opportunity to shop our community garage sale recently, and came upon this cute little wire number below. Well, maybe she's not so little at 28", but she sure is cute!

What exactly is it? The woman who sold it to me had the word French? written on the price tag. (Complete with the question mark.) She was once told it was a baguette bread basket from a French market but admitted she didn't know if that were really true.

I am loving the little s-hook hinges. Aren't you? And look closely at the photo below. I had to share the bottom portion of the basket with you to show the required corrosion on an item that is necessary for me to make a purchase. :)

So fire away with your answers or even guesses! And trust me...I won't be hurt by any comments that claim this is a repro or a knock-off that could be purchased at any local department store. That's what I love about junking. You buy what you love and if it ends up being worth something, that's simply a bonus!

Take care,

-- Taking junk to another level --


  1. i don't have an answer for you, Candy, but it sure is something i wouldn't pass up either! that galvanized metal!

    what will you do with it?

    judi ;)

  2. Just a guess, but it may be an apple basket. I had an apple basket and it looked very much like this, except it had no top closure. This may be the French version. Definitely vintage and way cool!

  3. It's a great basket but unfortunately I'm no help with uncovering it's original purpose either. What are you going to do with it?

  4. mmm...I don't know, but I'd stick with the French story, more romantic...Glad your back! Lezlee

  5. I don't know what it is, but I sure like it. ~cindy~

  6. All I know, is it is a seriously great basket!

  7. What a great find, wish I knew what type of basket it is.

  8. Sweetie,I hate to burst your bubble but what you have is an old fashioned backyard trash burner. The top is to keep burning paper from flying out and burning the neighborhood up. ( Even so it is a neat basket.)

  9. Hey, girl! I know what you mean by life being busy. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Bummer about the basket not being French, but it still looks like great bones for a great project! Missed you in May. Hope you're doing well (besides being busy)!



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