Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That's Rubbish!

I am one step closer to confirming the origin of my metal basket garage sale find from my previous post, thanks to a comment I received when I requested information about it. It just may be an old wire burn barrel used for burning trash back in the 50's and 60's. (Sorry I can't thank you personally, but I really do thank you!)

I have been scouring the internet ever since to find photos and more information about these burn baskets. Unfortunately I'll need to dedicate a little more time to it.

The funniest part about being enlightened is that I thought to use it on my deck as a cool garbage can even before getting any responses. Ha! Looks like I'll be taking it back to it's roots people, and will post about it at a later date.

But for today, I removed wallpaper from my mudroom this morning and am spending the rest of the afternoon out back and at the pool with my girls. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and thank you to those that responded about my junk! It is very appreciated!

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