Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carpeted stairs be gone!

We bought our home a little over a year and a half ago and I have been troubled by the bulky looking carpet on the stairs ever since we looked at it. The house is 14 years old and the carpet on the stairs really shows every bit of those years. Plus, I'm not a fan of carpeting in that location. I like runners or other coverings, but just not carpet.

I know this about myself. I have a bad habit of starting a project even if I haven't thought it through completely. It's probably my husband's biggest pet peeve about me. It makes it really tough when you realize you've torn into something just to have it stay torn up for the next 6-8 months while you wait until the money is finally in the household budget for "Candy's special projects". I'm not sure why I do this, but I do.

Well, a few weeks ago I said to myself, have at it, and starting tearing up the carpet and saw that it didn't look half bad underneath. Not gorgeous hardwood that you can sand and stain (which I would have loved) but at least a paintable wood.

So my husband and I (yes, my husband does get involved in some of these decisions periodically) decided to paint the entire stairway a nice crisp white and freshen up the "builder beige" balusters and molding by applying white to those as well. You can really tell the difference when you click on the photos to make them larger.

We were really pleased with the budgetary results! Now all that is left to do is stain the railing darker and install a carpet runner of some sort. (You need to cushion the noise when you have 3 kids. Good advice from a stranger).

I'm sure we will find something nice, simple and cheap. And I'm sure it will happen in about 6-8 months.

What has your project been lately? Small or hardly small? Care to share?

Talk soon,


  1. wow wow WOW! fabulous! i love those kind of transformations, sweet simple and inexpensive! you and hubby do good work!

  2. That looks so nice!!

    I saw a project on tv once where a lady invited several girfriends over, gave them each a piece of wood the size of the risers, and then each of them created a mosaic piece for it! (all tiles were of the same color combos so each riser would coordinate). It was way cool!

    No projects for me...not enough time. But I'm planning on refinishing a dresser, and hubs and I have been slowing working on the master bath. Like you, I started that project (ripping up wallpaper..I hate wallpaper, it's of the devil) and then not getting any further. It's been that way for probably a year. eeeeeek! This weekend he started mudding the walls.

  3. Ha! I know about unfinished projects! I couldn't get all of the wallpaper backing off the walls in my master bath and I was tired of dealing with it. I bought some colored wall stain and rubbed a rag all over the walls with it. It looks so much better! Of course, not everyone might like my artistic efforts. But, it is so much better than before! ~Mindy

  4. I love the idea of having friends and family be creative with the risers. I can definitely see doing something like that if were were in a house that we'll be in forever.

    I hope you post your bathroom and dresser projects on your blog DW when you're finished.

    Mindy - I love the creativity of the impromptu wall staining. Great idea and I'm glad it turned out!

  5. I have been wanting to do this to our steps for so long. You have given me courage! Is your landing paintable as well or did you have to do extra work to it? Thanks, Pam

  6. Love the painted stairway. Such a fresh look!

    With 3 kids, I can see why you do your projects in bits and pieces! My daughter is grown, so I only have myself to blame when I start something and take forever to get it done... LOL


    P.S. Candy, hoping you make it to Joan's open house this weekend!

  7. Hi Kathy! I'm happy you stopped by. I too hope I can make it Saturday. Unfortunately my hubbie is in school 8a-5p so I need to figure out if I can make it with my two youngest.

    Hope to see you!


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