Monday, October 6, 2008

What does a Stiffel lamp, wire baskets and a vintage crib have in common?

They were all found by me this weekend!

I was able to steal a few moments away alone on Sunday and chose to go to a local Big Brothers/ Big Sisters thrift store where I found a few things I love. In addition, I also came across a wonderful family that was giving away their garage sale leftovers for FREE!

Thought I'd pile my weekend finds on the table for me to ooo and aahhh over.

A real vintage blender. I have this blender in my cupboard but it's a reproduction. I thought a price of FREE was pretty good.

These FREE wooden salad bowls and plates look kind of yucky. I never quite got them either...I mean how do you put food that has oily salad dressing in them? I plan to paint them and use as holiday decor, something I learned from Cherry's Jubilee. Now this is a lady that loves to paint all things...just like I do. Her blog is inspirational so go check it out.

Now what to do with FREE old crusty bread pans? Any suggestions?

This FREE magnolia oil painting is quite pretty. I think It will go in my living room.

Okay, this FREE pheasant print in vintage frame is kind of nice but it also has the look of a pile of dead birds. Is that what it is?

I was thrilled to see they were giving this vintage port-a-crib away FREE! I have tried to locate one ever since I saw photos of a transformation of one in the book Junkmarket Style Decorating. One of the authors, Sue Whitney, heads up a wonderful website that invites people to share their love of junk! Definitely a site to peruse when you have a few extra hours in the day. ;)

NOT free. I paid big bucks for these least compared to what I normally would have spent but I can't seem to find wire baskets around me. $3.99 each!! Eeek! I thought I could do a lot with them though.

This 10" gray compote is just adorable and according to a tag left behind by the previous owner (looked like she donated it after her garage sale), it stated it was "new". $2.99 out the door.

Okay everyone, for my next great find. Drumroll please........

A Stiffel! And what a beautiful lamp it is! Actually I had never heard of the name Stiffel (remember I'm into junk), but I'm being told it's a very well-known company that can be expensive. (The shade was mine though). Let me tell you this puppy is HEAVY! It better be for $4.99.

My favorite part is the barley twist.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to have a few before and after pictures of the items I hope to transform coming soon!

Take care...have a great week and keep on junking!



  1. Wow! I'm so impressed! I went to some sales over the weekend and found nothing but crap. High-priced crap at that. *sigh* I love seeing what you and other ladies are lucky to find!

    You could even use those wooden salad bowls as planters. Drill a hole in the bottom. I know they aren't very deep, but that would be good for certain things, such as those tiny cacti, etc. So many things you could do!

  2. Candy, you are my kind of junker. Lots of great stuff for cheap, cheap and Free! I love the baby bed. I'm glad you found my blog and thanks for you comments. I will be perusing your blog for awhile, I can see. ~Mindy

  3. I am so glad you found my blog...I was drawn to your blog's name immediately.I use to have an antiqiue booth and the name was sophisticated junk... I will definitely be back...thanks so much for visiting me!Toni

  4. Candy, I think those wire baskets were a steal! I would have bought them for $3.99. They'd go for $12-$25 around here. Great find!

    Lanette @ Cottage Elements

    PS. Your porch looks great, too!

  5. Hmmm... undom wife. Do you know something about me and my plant skills? Suggesting a cactus leads me to believe you do. ;0)

    Hi there Mindy! Thanks for stopping by!

    That is a really nice coincidence you could say. I happened by your blog but had no idea you had a shop named similar to my dream shop! Pretty neat.

    Lani - You just made me feel loads better about the baskets. I think I need to pack up my stuff I buy in Ohio and head out your way! Sheesh! Thanks for the info and the nice compliment about my "stoop".

  6. I wish I could find such a treasure trove. The bread pans are great for index cards to jot down great ideas before you forget. (I forget a lot)Also just to keep odds and ends until you pile up enough to make something new with them.

  7. Hi Candy,

    Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful time junk shopping. I can't believe everything you found. A Stiffel lamp! Now that is a score! Your site looks beautiful. You have remarkable style!

    Be well,

  8. I know this is a really old post but I found it on a Google search and just had to say I hope you didn't paint your wooden salad bowls. :o) The "oily" salad dressing will be exactly what they need to bring out the pretty grain of the wood. In fact you can use mineral oil to condition them before you use them on the table and they'll just glow. Think butcherblock cutting board here.

    Old bread pans? BAKE BREAD IN THEM!! There's not much better. I love crusty old bread pans and cookie sheets from garage sales.

    And your milk bottle baskets are great.


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