Wednesday, October 8, 2008

R-E-D spells red

I wanted to express how excited I am for my little Ellie who's in Kindergarten. She recently came home from school and told me out of the blue "R-E-D spells red". I guess as a mom, you know the day will arrive when your babies come home to tell you these kind of things, but you just don't realize how thrilling it is until the day it actually happens!

Here's Ellie in July on her 5th birthday (red eyes and all).

Now she joins her older sister having homework to do. On the small scale, but homework nonetheless. She loves looking up at our message center to see what's in store for her that evening.


Any other oldies out there like myself that didn't start to spell and read words until they were in 1st grade? My dad often reminds me of the day I ran home excitedly shouting to him and all that would listen, "I can read! I can read!" 1975 & 76 was all about The Letter People (remember Mr. M...with the munchy mouth) and learning all the letters seemed to extend the entire year. Now kids in Kindergarten strap on their headsets and instruct adults how to write in HTML. Well, maybe some Kindergarteners, but you get my point.

Anyway, I'm proud of my little girl and wish her all the love of reading and learning that she could possibly want!

Have a great day all,


  1. What a sweet blog! I have a feeling I'm going to get to watch this little girl grow up on blog land. Thanks for sharing this milestone. ~Mindy

  2. Hi Candy, I have an award for you. Come "pick it up" when you get a chance!

  3. Hello Candy....I too am a Junker! I just found your blog and I will add you to my list....I can't wait to see all your junk!


  4. I found your blog through Cherry's Jubilee and am so glad I did! YAY - another awesome blog to look at! I scrolled down and looked at some of your pictures and am going to go back and read your posts. I love how you decorated around your front door for fall. It looks great! Come over and visit me too!

  5. Love the blog - your cheese grater would make a great globe-of-sorts for a candle...the light will shine through the openings and look like little stars! I look forward to viewing more of your treasures!!


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