Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday Finds

After sending two of my girls off to school yesterday, my daughter and I sped off to the local thrift stores to have fun shopping by ourselves. Meg is three and enjoys playing with all the donated and castoff toys (even when they're missing all their parts).

Here are some of our finds:

Many of these items will be for resale however most are for my personal use. I can't wait to display the children's black rubber boots with red bottoms as part of my fall display on my front porch! I may even incorporate the black and white enamel refrigerator pan into it as well.

I love this jar with stainless lid! The Dave's Peanuts logo can easily be removed since it is stuck on using a clear adhesive label. I will be adding to my kitchen as a snack jar.

Know anyone that would enjoy these stainless steel napkin rings? What I find is it doesn't matter if the letter "G" has no significance to your name.

The vintage rolling pin with red handles is in excellent condition! The two pieces of white pottery will be added to my own collection and I have a project or two lined up for the stainless steamers too. I also plan on using the meat thermometer in an unconventional way and will post my photos at a later date.

I normally don't succumb to purchasing toys at a thrift store. Oftentimes pieces parts are missing from them and we have enough toys at home already. This time, however, Meg found a new pet dinosaur that I thought was adorable and she absolutely loved it. She was pleasantly surprised when we got it home to see that it actually lights up!

As you can see we found a lot of useful goodies! Can't wait to get out again.

Warm regards,


  1. You're finds are terrific. You have the eye. You're little girl is pretty darned wonderful too!

    Be Well'

  2. I can't wait to see the projects you create with the steamers. Be sure to post them on the site!


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