Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How it all began...

My love for junk started back in 1997. I was newly married with a newly purchased home, no money and had nothing to fill it with. A few blocks from my house lay a pile of "trash" from a home that had just been sold. I immediately spotted a large ugly cabinet with a red and white plastic gingham tablecloth glued to each shelf. You know what I'm talking about, the kind with the fuzzy stuff on the back. Yikes! The cabinet also had very dated, ugly glass doors on it. It was love at first sight!

Since I was driving a Nissan Sentra I knew it wasn't possible for me to take it home right that second. I grew more concerned when another car pulled up to look at my pile. Just then the homeowner came outside just in time for me to ask if the shelf was there for the taking. He was so excited to give it to me that he offered to stand next to it on the curbside while I ran home to get my husband with his Jeep just so no one else could snag it. Did I mention it was raining?

Anyway...we got it home and I bought some white paint!

This is the end result. Just a small amount of primer and white paint along with new drawer pulls. The best compliment I received was one from a friend that said it looked like a piece of furniture that cost $500!

I wanted to show a closeup of a portion of my white pottery collection. All purchased at garage and rummage sales for less than $2.50 each! My urn was $.50!!!

So maybe my fondness for junk started from necessity...but then again, maybe not. I just know I enjoy the character my junk finds bring to my home.


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