Monday, September 8, 2008

Take my house...please

Oh, if only I had the means (i.e. a bulldozer and 52 dumpsters) to take advantage of this offer. While perusing my very favorite website Craigslist , I came across the deal of the century. Someone is offering all the architectural salvage these two homes can spill out as long as you remove the houses from their lots! Woohoo! What a bargain!

(Notice the corbels along the roofline!)

Imagine the bounty you would receive!

The fireplace mantels, the porch posts, the windows...oh, to have it all!!

If you are anywhere close to Medina, Ohio, you may want to check this one out!!

Keep on junkin'!


  1. Oh wow. If only this were in Medina, MN...

    Fantastic blog--keep it up!

  2. I'd be shaking in my boots if I could get my hands in there! Wow!

    Welcome to the Blog World!



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