Monday, December 8, 2008

Exciting News! Joy To The Fishes...

Joy to the world
All the boys and girls
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me.
- Three Dog Night

Hi everyone. If you've ever read my posts in the past, you know I am a JUNKMARKET Style junkie. I've read and/or own every book or magazine that includes projects by Sue Whitney, President of JUNKMARKET Style, (and former partner Ki Nassauer, now with Junk Revolution) and continue to be inspired by them daily.

When I came across Sue's new and improved website (and FREE by the way) back in August I was thrilled and signed up immediately as a member. So many like-minded people in one spot has been enjoyable and enlightening! There are many talented junking folks out there, that's for sure.

To make a long story short I was asked to be a contributor for the JUNKMARKET Style website. Yippeeee! To quote my husband regarding junking and being asked to contribute, he said "I don't get the whole junking thing, but I can respect when an expert in any field notices you, it's pretty cool". Thanks hubs. Sue and I chatted on the phone last week and I had to admit to her I was a bit "starstruck". I'm sure it sounded silly, but it was true.

So there you have it. I've been on cloud nine ever since and it has actually got my butt in gear at home. This Joy to the World project is the first one I contributed to the site. I hope you enjoy it.

I used a window insert from an old broken storm door. A few panes of glass and wood frame were missing. I removed what I had to to acheive a symmetrical look.

My husband attempted to sneak this map from his childhood into our garage sale. Does he not know who he is married to? Do I not visit thrift stores, flea markets and rummage sales weekly for this kind of stuff? Good grief!

These silver letters say it all.

Three vintage bottles sitting in a row. One falls off and watch mom blow!

My David Copperfield moment: String vintage bulbs with fishing line and amaze all your friends and family with their floating appearance. Oooo...aahhhh.

Snap off the end of the greenery rope you bought for your mantle or outdoor display and make a mini-wreath. Easy enough.

So come check us out over at JUNKMARKET Style...specifically me. Ha! Become a member and you'll be instantly addicted to the junking lifestyle too.


  1. YOU are SO COOL! i love your blog and think that if we were to be friends in real life there would be no stopping the creativity with junk! my husband for years has been dumbfounded as to why i love junk so much, until it started to make some money for me as i sold some of my finds. now he's a believer! congrats!

  2. A few bits of museum tack under your bottles will keep them from falling over if the kids get a little crazy and bump them.

  3. Candy! How very exciting! You go, girl! Don't forget the little people...~Mindy

  4. Candy, love your mantel decor! It is simple yet elegant. Great job! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Congratulatons! You deserve the recognition!

    Contest at my blog tomorrow!

    The Texas Woman

  6. Hi Candy, Thanks for stopping by. I was just admiring your projects on the JunkMarket site last night! What a surprise to get a comment from you today. Congratulations on being part of the team!

    I hadn't been on the JunkMarket site for a couple of weeks and I was catching up, trying to find my inspiration. Ironically, when I saw this window and vignette of yours, I felt the wheels start turning! This is a gorgeous piece.

    ~ Jennifer

  7. I love the Junk Market site. You are a perfect fit, creative and talented. I absolutely love your mantle, the window, the colors, the theme. So original. I also love your white staircase, I'm gathering the nerve to pull the carpet off mine and patch and paint. You inspire me. Pam


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