Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deep Fried Decor

Have you ever heard the phrase "Everything's better deep fried"? Well I thought I'd put it to the test in my entryway by using an old industrial-sized deep fryer basket found at a local restaurant supply house. I put it to work holding vases of flowers to greet company. Let me know if you think the "everything's better..." statement holds true.

Recipe for Candy's Ultimate Deep-Fried Decor


1) 2 bunches of pretty flowers

2) 1 rusty old deep fryer basket

3) 9 cups of, that is

Sizzle, sizzle...

At the restaurant supply house checkout, I paid my bill and left a tip...


As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Love it! Love it! This is my kind of thing. Easy and impactful. You're so good to share with us, Candy. ~Mindy

  2. Make mine Southern Fried! Very nice recipe for successful decorating!

    The Texas Woman

  3. i love this so much i'm now on a hunt to find me one!

  4. I love that Candy! It's so industrial looking, but still "soft." That's also one of those items you could use indoors or out...lots of variations!

    BTW, I do have a few glass pieces saved up to use for birdseed. One is a tulip-looking piece of glass. It's so cute. I just have to build the rest of the totem first. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight.

  5. Looks AWESOME! Had to your tip. Buy Junk! I love my 'junk' finds!!! Thanks for the constant inspiration.

  6. Gorgeous, Candy! Love the collection of milk glass all in one place! Great to greet you guests! When may I visit? :)

  7. I like the organized look of a collection. I think it is the fresh way to do junk and country!

  8. O.K. I think from now on when I go junkin, I'm taking you with me for ideas. Who would of thought of the deep fryer and it looks so classy/chabby.

  9. I like it! The grouping look great :)

  10. Very clever! Love the milk glass!

  11. Candy! Love this idea! It would be so easy to change out the flowers to suit the season!
    Tomorrow starts my first online GS...I'd love for you to add me as a link!

  12. I have always wanted to visit a restaurant supply anyone can go in to those, hmmmmm. I think we have a field trip planned!


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