Friday, July 24, 2009

Get Your Mind IN the Gutter

Gutter guards. A very useful tool for homeowners when they are in their prime. (The gutter guard, that is, not the homeowner.) Here is just one way to use all those rusty, metal pieces that some people deem junk. And thank goodness they do!

Hanging Floral Arrangement

Necessary supplies:
rusty gutter guard
twine, jute or ribbon
cylinder vase
key / embellishments
pencil or dowell
hosta leaves

Determine desired size of vase holder and double. Add an extra 8" (to be rolled later) and cut. Fold metal in half - long end to long end.

Roll metal edges around pencil / dowell to create a curled edge. Make sure to use gloves since those edges are sharp!

Fold gutter guard in half, slightly bowing each piece outward to allow room for the cylinder vase.

Roll bottom up as if it were a paper lunch bag.

Attach sides together with twine, jute or ribbon using a cross stitch or any stitch you wish.

Have you heard of Eddie Ross? If not, he is a truly talented young lifestyle designer that I "follow" online. One tip he always recommends is to use hosta leaves inside cylinder vases to hide the ugly stems. Love that! (His are much neater than mine, but you get the idea).

Insert vase inside gutter guard with flowers and POW! It's complete!

If you're thinking this is just a ridiculously simple're right.

"Oh, I love your floral display, Candy. Wherever did you get it"

"What? This old rusty thing? Why, thank you."

What a pretty mesh. Move her around your home. She seems to fit right in anywhere.

Though she stands alone, a wallflower she is not.

Could I get any more kooky than using an old gutter guard for home decor? Let me know what crazy things you've come up with using "unique" junk!

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. How adorable is that?? Love it!

  2. I love that Candy! It belongs on my back patio! ;) You're so creative!

  3. never cease to amaze me - this is so sweet - and you used something totally unexpected - a gutter guard!

    Love your pics too!


  4. That is so cool. I'm going to make one out of wire hardware cloth, since that's what I have scraps of. It will be perfect by the front door.

    I've always like the idea of using hosta leaves or some other type of leaf in the vase, but have never done it.

  5. Candy,
    This is adorable! You are such a clever bird!
    Thanks for the good pics & instructions.
    smiles, alive

  6. Love this...saw your fun post over at Barking Dogs... Your 'bikinis' are getting big. My bikinis get bigger every year...must be at that age! Ha!
    Lisa of Salvage Studio

  7. Candy, what a great project! Can you bring it with when you come to Minnesota? Ha! Very Candy-esque! Love it!


  8. I love this! I want to be in the gutter too!


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