Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rural Ohio: Cherries, Snakes and Junk part 1

The kids and I headed out early Wednesday morning to visit my parents 2 hours away in Southeastern Ohio. It may not seem that long to you, but it's an eternity to a 4, 6 and 9 year old. No DVD player in this car. Ack!

I happen to like the drive and have done it for the past 19 years. My parents decided to move south right after I graduated high school. Once I found an apartment with a friend, they couldn't have moved away any faster - no empty nest syndrome for them. No siree! But then again, I suppose after raising the last of five daughters I might want to get outta Dodge
as quickly as possible too.

I always admire this beautiful red barn during my many drives. It reads FLEAMARKET and lists details for the weekly sale. Know how many times I've been to it in 19 years? Zero times. Yes, zero. Why, you ask? Hmmm. I guess it's because I'm always on a mission to get to my parents' place, yet it's always too late to do so when coming home. For 19 years this has been going on.

Now I've actually stopped at the the next Antiques store a few times. It's closer to their house and so much easier to get to.

Beautiful Tappan Lake is a sign we are close to arrival. Mom and Dad live just five minutes from the lake.

I must admit I'm envious of those whom have homes along the lake and those that throw Pontoon Boat parties on the water. I just saw one on this trip with three Pontoons hooked together. Everyone appeared to be having so much fun!

This part of the lake is filled with vibrant green lily pads. It is such a sight to see!

Alas! Welcome to Deersville Ohio! The name says it all! Lots of camping and hunting going on in these here parts.

Small, rural towns always have one of these, don't they?

This is one downtown I feel safe in at night.

There are so many historic homes in the downtown area. Many of which have been rehabbed beautifully. The one below has a For Sale sign out front...prices are good.

I love the weather meter on the front of this house.

Some of the buildings look dilapidated, however, are still in business.

A not-so-politically-correct sign sits at the end of the road where my parents live. It doesn't seem to bother the locals one bit.

And we're almost there! Imagine the drive through here in the winter.

This former home sits untouched directly beside my parents' drive. It was old 19 years ago, but I do remember it standing then.

Make the turn and we are now in their driveway. (Again, imagine this drive in the winter...or the spring for that matter!) I wonder what kind of junk treasures are in store for us? Stay tuned for part 2 and you shall see.


  1. Great little town......I don't take offense to the sign....I grew up in hillybillyville myself. cherry

  2. Love the post and all the pictures of the houses and the countryside. So reminds me of SE Ohio. Oh, yeah! That's where you were! MY husband lived in Massillon til age 10 and his brother is still there and more family in Youngstown/Boardman. His cousin(who's like a brother to him) has a cottage in Ashtabula on Lake Erie. Also, in our early married years we lived SW of Pittsburgh (84 Lumber Headquarters) for 2 years. Love that area (my husband thinks Ohio is utopia!).

  3. What a wonderful trip to your parents' home...great sights along the way! You really do need to stop at that fleamarket some time though!! :) We pass a huge antique mall in Findlay when we travel home (which we've been doing for 30+ years...) and have never stopped...go figure!



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