Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ironstone Platter & a Giveaway!

Good day to all! I wanted to share my latest find with you. Will you join me in my excitement? I found this gorgeously crazed ironstone platter during a not-so-thrilling shopping experience yesterday. Thankfully I was able to come away with this beauty in hand.

Measuring in at 16" x 11.5", it's a pretty decent sized platter. According to www.thepotteries.org, my lovely ironstone has the markings used between 1890 - 1907. Cool, eh? I won't reveal how much I paid for it though. It's somewhat shameful how cheap it was.

Don't you think this J&G Meakin platter is crack-a-lackin', but without all the cracks? (It does have a lot of crazing though, which is definitely my thing.)

See the neat little "14" impressed on the bottom? It's about the details, folks. It's all about the details. ;)

That's enough about me and my fabulous find...now onto the real goodies! Kathy of Sylvia's Vintage Daughter is celebrating her 1 year anniversary as a blogger! Yippeeee! Congrats to Kathy! Take a stroll on over to check out her giveaway! It ends Saturday, March 5th, so don't miss out!

See...she's calling up folks to tell them about her giveaway as we speak! And if you don't know her already, I guarantee you'll love her!

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. I'm in love with the cracks...I guess you could say that I'm a "crack" head...LOL!

  2. Candy - my friend...thanks! (and, you're such a brat! I'm laughing like a silly person right now - that picture scared me!! :)

    Love ya (still), Kathy

    P.S. Love the ironstone - one of my favorite things, and it's crazy how cheap you can find it for sometimes. Lucky you!!

  3. I love, love, love ironstone and that is a beautiful piece. It's amazing how cheap you can find it. I've paid as low as $.10 for a piece. Crazy!

  4. Okay, you are a tease! I was thinking the ironstone was going to be a giveaway!!!
    Dang. Luck you.

  5. Okay, the $.10 piece has me beat!

    And Cassie, that was so not intentional...I meant no trickery within my post. Haven't been called a tease in quite a while though. ;)

    It's great to read your comments, ladies - Good to see all the "crazies" out there!

  6. I love ironstone too and have had the "ironstone gods" smiling down on me lately. I have several new pieces in my collection...coming to a blog post soon!
    I love the size of the platter you found and the more crazing the better!

  7. Candy,
    What a fabulous find! Even if the clerk was a jerk!
    smiles, alice

  8. Love the platter...so how much did you pay for it, Candy?

  9. Ooh...I love the platter...and all the great crazing!

  10. That platter is a gorgeous find... I love it! Thanks for sharing the giveaway link... headed over there now!

  11. "crack-a-lackin"...I love it!!! :-)

    Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words, it means so much to me.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday,

  12. I am drooling. You had me at the title of your post. I was scrolling down my sidebar where I have my favorite places to visit, (I hope that you don't mind that I showcase your blog there?) and I saw my favorite words Ironstone! I just got a great platter at Goodwill for 50% off, but it was still $2.99 but I love it.Thanks for sharing your find. As a girl over at A Conversation at Goodwill, I can appreciate a new found treasure. It is all about the hunt.

  13. I love your Blog! I am having a big giveaway on April 5th. I'll hope you'll come and enter...

    Have a great day,

  14. You have found my heart!! I LOVE it, old ironstone..... my favorite thing old. I found me three old pieces on MOnday, I will have to get them on my blog soon! Hugs, Janna


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