Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Decorating With Thrift Store Finds

Fill your home with junk that makes it pretty and functional. This happy kitchen is loaded with pre-owned pieces that make it special.

This fabulous vintage drink cooler was found at a charitable thrift store. (Another plus regarding many thrift stores are the funds they raise for charity).

A vintage banana split glass holds a votive and a few pieces of nature's seasonal decor.

Here's the scoop. Found at a thrift store for $1, this gorgeous vase that resembles sundae glassware is filled with seasonal greenery and berries. Paired up with a 49-cent red-handled ice-cream scoop and you've got a pretty sweet bouquet.

A tricycle tire gives this kitchen something whimsical and funky to look at in an unexpected area.

I find these jars between $.99 and $2.50 each at thrift stores and garage sales. As you can see we need our hot chocolate accompanier and Twizzlers within arms reach at all times.

This $3.00 mini cake plate, found at a barn sale a few months ago, may be small in size but it really works big in my kitchen. It stands between my stove and coffee maker so it holds all the important things we need to make life easier around here.

The only items I purchased new are the matching pepper grinder and salt shaker. The rest can be found at thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets on any given day for cheap, cheap, cheap!

And finally, soup and vegetable cans can be inexpensive, yet pretty, items to decoarate with. They are also quite handy gathering pencils, scissors, crayons, clothespins, magnets....

Do you shop at thrift stores or flea markets on a regular basis? What are your favorite things to find?

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Yes, I shop at thrift stores! Ya just never know WHAT you'll find there - books, glasswares, whole dinnerware sets, replacement pieces for dinnerware sets you already have, lamps, junk, just about anything. Pre-owned. Pre-loved. Pre-approved. It all works for me and it certainly works for you. Love your fun wheel among your vintages treasures and your darling Pelican Cooler!

    The Texas Woman

  2. You know I do! I love whatever catches my eye and my imagination! This is a beautiful post! The touches of red make it special! Have wonderful holiday season!

  3. i love me some thrift/antique stores and love your ideas! i think the glassware and antique kitchen items are so fun to find!

    thanks for your decorating ideas!

  4. Great stuff, Candy! Since I don't shop retail, indeed, thrift stores are my thing. For a while there, I had to hit at least one a day...like an addiction or something! haha Thanks for sharing your wonderful purchases and your ideas. Merry Christmas. ~Mindy

  5. OHHH yes that is mostly where I shop...I find new stores just don't do much for me anymore. I collect ironstone, transferware...only when I find things cheap....old floral prints, old clocks and faces, scales...the list goes on an on. I love your vignettes...gorgeous. Merry cHristmas

  6. Everything is so cute! Love the arrangement in the glass and the stand with the cooking necessities on it! Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Candy, you make everything look so inviting! Even a soup can! Great vignettes and pictures. I'd love to go junkin' with you! May you have a prosperous and happy New Year!

    Lanette @ Cottage Elements

  8. Candy your blog is awesome and I've so enjoyed my first visit. You have awesome ideas and photos. xoxo

  9. I have a wheel like that too! Several in fact. :) One hangs on the wall right now with three round clocks. They make different appearances. :) Fun! I enjoyed seeing this post even if it is from Dec. :) Kelly


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