Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Toboggan Winter Photo Display

Happy, Happy New Year junk friends! Are you looking for ideas on what to do with your sledding equipment when not in use? Well, look no further because I have one for you.

Supplies you'll need; Cup hooks, decorative papers and cardstock, personal photographs, glue or tape and a hole puncher.

Oh, and don't forget the toboggan! This one is a four-footer so it's perfect for a wall display.

Affix photos to your favorite cardstock and pretty paper. Punch two holes on each photo's paper "frame". Screw two cup hooks into horizontal pieces of wood on toboggan and use as hangers for your photos.

Now they're lined up all nice and pretty.

The best part is if you tire of your junk photo display, you can always snatch the toboggan from your wall and skidaddle out into the snow with it!

Keep on junking throughout the New Year everyone!


  1. This is lov-errr-ly! We don't have many toboggans down this-a-way but I appreciate good ideas when I see them!

    A Junky New Year to you!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Love this idea, Candy!! Great job!

  3. Sledding equipment, eh? While I have no such thing, I do love what you did with yours! Smart! Happy New Year, Candy! ~Mindy

  4. Incredible design idea! I love it...I don't hav.OHHH! Yes I do! Thanks! I'll get it done soon and show :)

  5. Thank you ladies. Hey Mindy - Maybe you could try using an inflatable raft for this display. I keep forgetting about all you Texans not having a readily available supply of snow paraphernalia. Hehe.

  6. LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing your idea!

    ~ Karla

  7. Well now i willbe on the look out for an old toboggan! I love this idea! very cute! And since we just got another 6 inches of fresh snow, it woud be perfect!


  8. Candy, your projects have been just spectacular! This is just another brilliant one. Love, love, love it!

    Lanette @ Cottage Elements

  9. Great project! I recently found a toboggan at a yard sale (around here there's no shortage of them...we get lots and lots of snow! LOL!) and made a planter out of it. I actually got the idea from another blogger.
    I love blogs and yours has a lot of great ideas!
    Thanks for sharing.


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