Monday, April 27, 2009

Got Me An A!

A few weeks ago I visited one of my favorite blogs and came across a stack of cast aluminum letters on Sylvia's Vintage Daughter. Kathy, the owner, has become such a great Ohio junk friend and I knew she and her friend, Terri (her "partner in junk") had started a new venture in a local antique mall in Bellville, Ohio, for which they were selling those amazing letters. So I shot off an email and asked if she'd be willing to ship if I bought the "A". And she did...she also added that she included some "extras" in my shipment too. Hmmmm.

The UPS man arrived shortly thereafter with package in hand...a heavy package in hand I might add. I opened it up to find not only the "A" that I purchased from her, but also a "C"!! And these things are a good size at 14" tall. Wasn't that the nicest thing?! I'm still all smiles! But wait, there's more...

Kathy also included vintage Scrabble tiles and baby blocks, just for me... the cutest "junky" bag. Isn't it darling? Love it!!

Over the years I've come to realize junkers are some of the kindest people you'll came across in your lifetime. Kathy just reaffirms my thoughts on that and I am bound and determined to meet her one day!

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Candy, my good junk're so sweet! You've put your letters to use so perfectly (and I knew you would....). I appreciate your post and your friendship - and you know we're going to be meeting up for some great junking fun - soon!!! Have "A" wonderful day!!

  2. WOW!!! What a generous junking buddy Kathy is. Such cool stuff to include in your order (talk about your "special order!!!"). While not new to the world of junking/recycling, I am new to this website of wonderful junkers. I am so thankful I found this site and have gotten to see what others "out there" are doing. Everyone seems so willing to share their thoughts, their ideas and their lives with each other. Sure hope to be able to meet some of you some day. Thanks for posting this and the story that goes with it. It sure helps me realize what special people "Junkers" are!!! :o) gailmarie, bfa

  3. You are right...junkers are very kind!

    I love those can do so much with them, they are so versatile.

    I'm still so impressed with your crib weaving thing!

  4. How wonderful! The letters are great. I am going to have to check her new place out. Bellville is only about 20 miles from where I stay when I am in Ohio.

  5. I am just a little jealous of that c..I never find letters liek that. cherry

  6. We share the same initials, so I am very jealous of your C & A!

    Glad I was helpful with the Blogher ads stuff. Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Those are some great letters, Candy. What a gal, Kathy! And a great junker. You don't have any "L's" do ya? I have LLL as my initials and a big silver one would be awesome! Love 'em all! PS Cherry, I'll keep my eyes out for some "C's", too!


  8. the letters!! I think I might need to take that 'C' off your hands though!lol

  9. Oh!I am so happy to know that Cathy has some letters...I am looking for some, I pray she has some left! I am want to make a collage of old, vintage letters over my sofa in our living area..all "b"'s...hmmmm...the search is on! Have a great week, Candy! Hugs!

  10. wow. thats great! just stumbled upon ur blog and am loving it. My name is Candy too and my hubs is from OH! :) can't wait to follow along.


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