Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plants, Farm Animals and Junk

I recently planned a full day with my girls to go to Lake Farmpark , located in historic Kirtland, OH. Let me tell you, we had a ball! I knew it was going to be THE place for me once I saw the rusty-wheel wind chime hanging just outside the entrance of their Plant Science Center.

Dangling from this rusted beauty were miniature clay pots creatively painted in all sorts of ways including paisley print, floral patterns and even camo.

Can you believe, I logged onto Craigslist today only to find an old rusty wheelbarrow who's wheel would be perfect for this project!

Hubs would KILL me if I brought home another BIGGIE-SIZED piece of junk right now though, so I'll just have to file this project away for a later date. Looking at the bright side, maybe it has inspired you to make one for yourself!

So after oogling over and taking photos of the inspiring junk chime, we went inside to find the largest tomatos...

as well as the juiciest.

We saw the sweetest lamb..that didn't eat much.

...a Billie goat that seemed planted right where he was...

and a big ol' moo cow that was apparently framed and incarcerated in a local bovine jail.

Outside we saw the cutest fuzzy real lamb...

...and the sleepiest, laziest, and most peaceful looking hog in all of Lake County.

Have you ever taken more photos of inspirational junk projects than that of your own family and friends you were with? (Sorry kiddos.) ;) Let me hear all about it!

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Hubs needs to understand that one must seize the moment when it comes! That wheel would be perfect! Great idea. And I love that place you went. Looks like fun! ~Mindy

  2. Oh yes I did. But it wasn't really for inspiration, it was out of fascination. We were in the nearby county seat visiting their square and the shops and decided to drive around looking at the old houses. One yard was so full of holiday junk was around halloween...that I told hubs to stop the car so I could take pics! LOL I mean, seriously, you could barely see the grass!

    That looks like an awesome place to visit. I'd love to go there!

    Do the wagon wheel. Get the wheel barrow home and take it apart before your hubs sees it. ;)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE those last two shots! Must be the farm girl in me!! I say go for the what you must!

  4. I love photography pig .. heyyyy says I look like .. I am resting .. I love


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