Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Junk is Being Held Hostage

And I am not happy. After dropping my daughter off at gymnastics yesterday, I spotted two vintage metal store displays along the curbside and tossed them in my van while enroute to the car repair shop. (Our van's air conditioning went on the fritz.) Let me tell you these shelves are such a cool vintage blue color and have awesome graphics! Ever since loading up my finds, I have been thinking nonstop how best to use them!

I just received a phone call moments ago from the dealership stating the A/C repairs won't be complete until tomorrow! Ack! Therefore, my amazing curbside finds remain trapped...inside the van...inside the shop...for yet another day.

Excuse me. I think I need a moment.


  1. Gives you more time to brainstorm even more ways to use them!


  2. Oh, man!!! By the time you go get them, you'll have fantasized them into more than they are...either that, or you will cry when you see how awesome they are again. Separation anxiety. I hear ya! ~Mindy

  3. LOL, you are so funny! Hope you get your junk back soon!!!

  4. Um, I think I would have to break in and retrieve them if I was you!

  5. Eileen - Love your optimism! I need to be more of a "the glass is half full" kind of girl.

    Lol, Mindy. You can tell you're a junker after reading your response! And yes, I had a fleeting thought that I may be making them into more than what they are. But I'm stuck running with it now and I can only hope for the best!

    Thanks for your support, Amy! I could use it right about now.

    Jill - I need to know where you live so I can get some backup if needed. ;)

  6. Candy - my dear - you know I'm not far away - I could help, but then you'd have to share! ha ha!!

    Anyway - can't wait to see them (and so glad the AC is is being fixed! ha ha!


  7. Candy - Too funny. Can't wait to see them. Curb side junk is the best and the way you spin the tale is too much!! :-)

  8. haha I have a new shelf of my own I can't wait to play with for end of summer displays but busy bee'ness is keeping me from my own! hope you'll gain access quickly!


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