Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rural Ohio: Cherries, Snakes and Junk part 2

Once we arrived at my parents' house, we immediately got on the trail headed toward the storage shed that my dad and I were going to root through and clean out. This cute little birdhouse greeted us along the way.

Thirsty? We're in the country people!

Now this is Bubba, one of three cats mom and dad own. At only two years old the trio are as frisky and playful as ever! Just a little scared of my kids...but hey, who wouldn't be?

Frankie knows just how to pass the day.

Introducing the storage shed we were up against. This is just one corner we dealt with but I was as excited as ever to see what I could find. Until snakes came into the picture.

You gotta know my 80-year-old Uncle to really get his humor. Here he is making sure everyone understands what this area is used for. "Actung(sic.) This is a storage bldg and hobby shop."

Okay, folks. Meet my Dad. We quickly discovered a few mice nests in the shed but never saw one mouse. Hmmmm. Wonder why?? The story begins when my dad offered me some very nice coarse granite colored sandpaper he had on a large roll that was laying on the ground. He picked it up to unwind, had it up toward his face, and a snake was looking right back at him. It freaked my dad out so badly, in his haste to toss it as far away from himself as possible, he threw it directly at me! I mean AT me! Heehee! He felt bad and apologized, however, I unintentially got him back.

About 20 minutes later, I spotted metal tool box I had my eye on from a previous visit. Not thinking, I just picked it up and opened it and what should I find? None other than another freakin' snake! I throw the darn box away from me as far as possible and guess who's standing where it's headed? My dad! Oops! We both got a good chuckle out of it and now knew why we never saw a mouse in that shed.

I had to share with you the ingenious rake my Dad made for clearing away a camp site years ago. He is a carpenter by trade, so he always had tools and leftover wood pieces in his truck. He made this rake to clear the brush and even out the ground. He showed me how it worked and it really did the trick! Nice work, Dad!

A close-up shows it would make for a nice weapon against wild beasts if necessary.

The girls and I enjoyed our trip tremendously and look forward to going back in about three weeks. I've always appreciated my mom and dad's generosity even when they don't have much themselves. As a matter of fact, my Dad is the KING of Generosity. Seriously. This is the loot I ended up with back home. Projects are already in the works!

Oh, and as for me mentioning cherries in the title. They are my mom's favorite and she was thrilled that I brought some to her. Most stores in her area don't even carry them. Go figure.

So what kind of rodents have you come across in your junk jaunts? Heehee.

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Thank you so much for this, as ashamed as I am of this, I live in Southwest Ohio and have never been Southeast! I used to love junking before I became bed-bound! Love this quaint little blog!

  2. Great finds...minus the snakes! To this point, I thankfully don't have any rodent-related junking tales! Can't wait to see the projects!


  3. Ugh! I wrote out a reply and there was a blog error and it wouldn't post.

    I love the oars, those are very cool!

    Eek on the did one get inside the tool box? The rake your dad made is very ingenious!

  4. Oh there are so many treasures in that pile! I can't wait to see what you'll do!

  5. What a wonderful pile of junk and I love the story behind it... no snakes in my stories, normally just mice, spiders and wasp nests!

  6. I can just see you and your dad throwing snakes at each other! haa! I don't mind snakes or mice, though the finding of them can be exciting. What I hate? Roaches. I hate roaches. I don't wanna touch them. I don't want them touching me. I don't wanna hear them die (crunch)...I'd like to live in a roach free world.

    I am loving the fan most of all. Great stuff! ~Mindy

  7. So, after the game of snake toss you and your dad had - it looks like you won - BIG TIME - what a great pile of loot! Was there room left for the girls to come home, or did you have to go back for them? ha ha!! Great story and love the pics! Looking forward to your projects - I know your head is buzzing with ideas!

  8. Can I be your sister? Even if...would you share all that great stuff???


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