Monday, July 6, 2009

These Shoes Were Made For Junking

Every good junker knows one of the most important items to have while scavenging for treasures is a good pair of junking shoes. They are there to support you through all the cement, dirt paths, rocky roads and mud pits that come your way. Well, my tennies have done me proud for a long while now, but the poor guys have to be placed into mandatory retirement. Sigh.

I know. I know. There are those of you who might think I'm being insensitive to the needs of the "older" sector by forcing them into a jobless existence, however, I look at it as providing my junk shoes with an opportunity to relax a bit. To be able to garden and mow the lawn on their own time, at their own pace...aahhhh, nice.

Now let me introduce you to my bright, young junk whippersnappers I employed just today! Dr. Sholl's Natural Sport shoes with "massaging gel inserts". Now it's my turn to say aahhhh, nice.

These guys better work hard for me during my junking jaunts or I may have to bring the old ones out of retirement to use as consultants!

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes you like to wear while junking? Boots? What's your junk footwear story??

As always, take care and keep on junking!'s great to be back!


  1. Glad to see you around Candy!

    I had a pair of tennis shoes I bought in college. They were the best EVER. Then Nike stopped making them. So I couldn't buy a new pair when mine got old. I STILL have them!! They are my "yard work" shoes. ;)

  2. Hi, Candy! Good to see you posting. My favorite shoes, maybe not practical by a doctor's standards, but I love flip flops. They're my shoes of choice. Hope to see you in August!!!!


  3. I have a hard time letting go of my old shoes. I usually wear them until they are literally falling apart. I'm about there now. Sigh.

  4. My old favorite standby tennies got so terrible it was almost justified when the dog ate them! Now I teeter between sandals and tie shoes depending on whether I'm "hunting" or "creating".

  5. I would say flip flops are my favorite I love them and wear them with everything.... I even have some designated for painting in.

  6. Oh, I have to tell you, my former boss had a pair of shoes she loved but couldn't throw away. So she duct taped them back together when the soles were falling off!!! ha!!

  7. Candy - Great to see ya in blogland! Very cute story about something we all definitely hold near and dear to our little feet... I have a pair of tennies I've been wearing for a couple years now...have washed/oxy-cleaned them a few times, and they seem to be holding up well. One thing I do (especially if the weather is iffy), is bring along a back-up pair of shoes AND socks - so there is a dry pair if I get soaked, or trudge thru mud - cuz you know...neither wind, nor snow, nor...I know you get it!! My girlfriend used to laugh at me, until she was the one needing a dry pair of socks - so, she has learned to appreciate my motto of "always being prepared".

    I know our shoes are gonna meet soon for a stroll through a fleamarket or two!!!

  8. Oh, there you are!! Welcome back! I have a habit of throwing on the old flip flops whenever I leave the house, but I don't recommend them for granaries, dumpsters, pastures or pits!! My other favorite pair looks just like your retired junkers! They take me everywhere.

  9. Hi, Candy, my first time by here, via Blogher. And I see you are a fellow thrifter too! Oooh, there are a bunch of us out there. My fave shoes to wear junking are a new pair of Crocs (not ugly ones) in leopard print. They are SO comfy I could wear them all the time. And cute too!

  10. Hey ladies! I'm somewhat surprised by the flip flops everyone is wearing. I guess I wear those to thrift stores or garage sales but never fleamarkets.

    TUW - That is funny about the duct tape. Just got back from my dad and he duct taped his favorite straw hat. He said a few Amish men looked at him the other day like he was a loony! lol.

    Thanks for the comments! I enjoy them so much!


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