Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kick Off My Junk Decor Tour

Meet Lanette Lorsung. Fellow JUNKMARKET Style contributor and creator of Cottage Elements. While visiting her home recently, I quickly realized this sweet junk sister not only has an amazing signature style complete with elegance, sophistication and junk, she is also the hostess with the mostess! Come see what I mean.

Lanette's home is filled with natural light...making it all the easier to ogle over her junk treasures. (Be sure to click the photos if you'd like to view them in detail.)

The perfect mix of vintage style with an industrial flair fills each room. Lanette is known for her creative approach with cloches.

Rust. Vintage pottery. Farm pieces.

One thing that immediately caught my eye was Lanette's usage of vintage fish tanks. This one is filled with a school of beautiful old door knobs, while the other is filled with wooden shoe forms in another part of the house. (Fish for it within this post...I bet you will like it.)

Seven is definitely Lanette's number...and I would have to say she IS one lucky lady! This fantastic numeric display was found in her office area. The perfect spot for crunching numbers.

Time to head into the kitchen and dining area. I should have told Lanette she could call me anytime to hang out at her place. (The trek from Ohio to Minnesota really wasn't that, ahem, bad.

Isn't the dining table amazing? It's clean, modern, industrial lines work perfectly in her home. The old street sign centerpiece was featured on JUNKMARKET Style recently. Make sure you check out the post and read more about it's origins. Such a brilliant find!

Beautiful! (I see shoe forms.)

Now that you've witnessed Lanette's gorgeous decorating style...let me show you her hostessing style! When Kathy, Sue, Gretchen and I arrived at her home, Lanette had the most wonderful salad luncheon waiting for us. Complete with tortellini, chicken and fruit salads including a grand finale of cheesecake! Loved the pink drink too! Yummm!! Doesn't she look just like a modern day June Cleaver?

We all left with full bellies and smiles on our faces. Her cat Indy even looked satisfied with the day's events...

...and decided to take a nap just as we were leaving.

Many thanks to Lanette for being so gracious for allowing me to photo her home. I was thrilled to be invited over during our stay in Minnesota.

Hmmm. I wonder who's next on my Junk Decor Tour? Stay tuned!

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Great shots of Lani's house!! Wish I could have been there for the luncheon!!


  2. Lani's house is so beautiful Candy and as usual your photography is amazing!!

  3. Ha! That cat!

    She's got great junk! Love!!

    (I've been looking for an old chippy "eat" or diner sign to hang in my kitchen. Maybe I'll just make one like hers. Cuz I still haven't been able to find one. For YEARS. ugh!)

  4. Thanks so much for letting us have a "virtual" visit at Lani's house! Wish so much we could have joined you girls...looked like a BALL!!


  5. We too love the fish tanks! Super idea, thanks for sharing.

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  6. Thanks for sharing her lovely home and all it's inspiration. Pam

  7. Thanks for sharing. Your post is just getting to be the best. I really enjoy it. Great shot of the cat, makes me laugh.
    Take Care

  8. i sure enjoy your great seeing old junk turned into upscale decor!!!lol....

  9. Candy! Sorry for being so slow in responding. As you probably know, I was traveling and my mailbox got a wee bit full. Oops! I'm speechless here. "You like my home, you really like my home!" Thanks so much for featuring it. Loved having you girls over and anytime you're in town and need a place to stay my home is always open. You gals are the best!


    PS My son came home and wanted some lemonade. Simply twisted the spout and it worked! Figures!

  10. Great post Candy! Lanette's home is amazing. She just bought an amazing addition, a brand new black and white telescope. Know I can see how well it will fit in her home.

  11. p.s. I love your header with all the pix. It looks great!
    And, we should meet in Boston for a new stop on your tour to go visit Krista in her new house. Will have to plan it around a junking event. I will look into it!

  12. Thanks for the great photos. I want to crawl in them and look around and touch!

  13. lovely and refreshing. love the kitty cat.

  14. Wow, I am lovin her home. Lanette has great style and she finds some of the coolest things around. I too like using fish tanks in unique ways.

  15. How beautiful and creative! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.

  16. Fabulous! I think I'm going to move in with her!

  17. Candy- This is one of the best blog posts I've ever seen online. Your photos are fabulous and you've captured so much of the great features in Lani's house with your lense and your witty humor is excellent in this post. Love it, Candy! Kudos to an excellent blogger you've become. I surely can learn from you.

  18. Ooo,lalalalala!!! Isn't Lani's home wonderful? Just like her. Thanks for a great post Miss Candy Loo Hoo.

    Be Well,

  19. What a great post, Candy! I have "toured" Lanette's home before, but not in the same way you presented it! It looks like you ladies had a great time. You must have a lot of fun sharing your many talents together!!



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