Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, THRIFTday...

Happy Thriftday to you! Since thrift store shopping is one of my favorite pasttimes, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and highlight every Thursday, (or THRIFTday, if you will) some of my best thrift store finds from the past week. Each post will consist of only one or two finds and will include ways I've incorporated the pieces in my home. It will also showcase my best thrift store bargains and I will let you know which items were purchased strictly for resale too.

We all enjoy viewing other people's treasures and sharing our own, don't we? I know I do and am looking forward to all the THRIFTdays that lie ahead! Ready to take a look?

I spotted this vintage pottery lamp with its sad little lampshade this past Tuesday.

I took a closer peek at its glossy khaki paint color and beautifully crafted floral pattern and immediately fell in love.

I could see it was true vintage by checking the underside and wiring, while making sure there were no viewable chips or bad wires. Consider it sold! Best of all, the entire contents of the shop was 50% off that day!

I brought it home, replacing the lampshade with a more modern one purchased at a local department store. It now sits in our family room providing light to a previously dark corner. Love. Love. Love.

Do you have a thrift store find you'd like to share? Include your link in your comment so we can all oooo and ahhhh over it! (I'm currently working on adding a linky-loo to make it easier, but I appreciate your patience until it's completion.)

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. candy, i like THRIFTday - can i play too? already playing White Wednesdays - THRIFTday could be a fun addition to the weekly line-up ..loving your blog and your JMS stuff ..troy

  2. Absolutely! So glad you are sharing your thrift finds on THRIFTday as well! Make sure you share your link directly to your thrift post in my comments section and we'll be sure to stop by!
    Thanks Troy!

  3. Love that lamp, great find. I also love your Thriftday idea. I love to see what others have unearthed!

  4. Candy - love your thrifty vintage lamp - too cool - and it looks so nice in your family room! And, also love your idea for THRIFTday posts - you're so clever! I'll post a few finds next THRIFTday (so guess I'll have to make myself hit a few thriftstores...darn (wink...)

    Have fun! Kathy

  5. Ooo, I love that lamp! What a great find!

  6. I love it with the new shade. Great buy, Candy! I blogged a broom head today. It wasn't from a thrift store. But, you'll find my creativity inspiring, I am sure. ha! ~Mindy

  7. Love the lamp...check out my finds (click on name to see). Just finished "The Chair"...will reveal on blog this weekend. Love your blog.

  8. Love your thrifted lamp! Very cool and a great color. Great idea about the Thriftday, and you'll have me checking back for sure to see what you come up with each week.


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