Friday, August 28, 2009

No Loafing Around These Parts

After returning home from my trip last week, I was welcomed by a wonderful bounty of tomatoes from my garden. A tidbit of information about me...I loves me some SPICE! What better use of tomatoes than a hot and spicy salsa!

I loaded up my multi-functional military loaf pan with all the fresh fixings needed to make a good tortilla chip dipper, and headed out to the deck, toot sweet. Talk about a time saver! No running back and forth to and from the kitchen to haul all my different veggies outside. My preschooler could play in the yard then while I prepared. Let me tell you, the salsa turned out fabulous!

Unfortunately I trusted my photo-taking skills a little too much and ate all my salsa BEFORE I viewed the photos of the completed spicy goodness. They were all a blurry mess! Ggrrrr. Enlarge if you must. :(

As always, take care and keep on junking!


  1. Hey girlie...I had one of these loaf pans and sold it at Junk Fest (what the heck was I thinking?!)...who knows? Thanks for stopping by our blog today! I am doing another "Wine is Bottled Poetry" creation and selling it at JF this year....unless Missy or Lynette buy it first - ha!

    BTW, I ADORE the lamp in your previous post. Lovely! Andrea

  2. Are you aware that I live in Texas. You know. The home of Tex-Mex. You know. The place you will find salsa that will make you slap your momma. Seriously. Have you booked your flight for Warrenton? Come see me and I promise to make you some salsa to make you smile. ~Mindy

  3. The rare times I cook these days (kids are grown), I inevitably forget to take photos to prove that I still do know how to turn on the stove!

  4. Love your spicy little story Miss Candy! You've been so busy - making up for some junking time away....right? :)

    Take care, Kathy


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