Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet My New Table

I know. It's not my store display, however, I wanted to let you know that that project is still in the works. With my kids starting back to school in twelve days, and me being gone for five of those during Oronoco Gold Rush Days, I'm limited on time to get everything prepared for school as well as fun times left for the kiddos. I hope you understand. How about I provide two clues for what one of my racks will be used for when I return?

Clue #1 - mud
Clue #2 - room

Boy, that'll keep you guessing!

Okay, on to this cute little dirty thing I came across yesterday. Found among a pile of side tables that had a sign hanging from them saying "all small tables $5.00". Measuring 38"x24", I was actually surprised she was included! Great potential for only being five buckeroonies though, don't you think?

I'll be spending some good, quality time cleaning this one so that it will be safe, once again, for inside use.

Now back to counting down for my trip to Minnesota! Never been! Check out ALVN's countdown as well. Looks like she's planning a good time for all of us at her blog party! Make sure to stop by and say hi!


  1.'re such a busy girl! It's time for us to focus on the task at hand (LOL)...packing! (Although, I am going to stop at a few garage sales this weekend myself...we just can't stop!)

    Your "little" table is super chippy paint (and all) sweet!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it (and your mysterious racks...)!

    Talk to ya (real) soon!!! Kathy

  2. Nice to meet you new table, and what a beauty you are!

  3. Oh Girls I again am jealous. Not really......just tickled for you! I will be in Mexico at the beach during the sale! I really NEED to be at the blogging booth. Candy, I love your new little table. It will be the perfect fit for whatever you do!
    Smiles, alice
    Have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!! :-)

  4. The table has so much promise! At $5 a piece, I might have a had a difficult time not buying them all! You and Amy are gonna have so much fun! Can I possibly retire too soon, so I can come play with y'all? ~Mindy

  5. My husband is amazed at the tables I manage to bring home. "Whatever do we need yet another table for?" he'll ask me. Ah, but tables are so versatile! So I bring them in and then have to take some to the consignment shop, and then bring even more in. Five dollars? I'd soooo be cramming them into my Pathfinder!

  6. Man, don't you just LOVE a great buy?! I was rummaging today and found a few good things myself.

    Wish we could meet you in Minnesota - we went to Oronoco last year, but too busy getting ready for our next sale. You should come back for Junk Bonanza! Have fun! Andrea

  7. "Hi, cute table. Nice to meet you." And what a great price. Adorable. And I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I'm guessing that your rack project has something to do with your mudroom. Yes, you can just me....
    MONK aka Midge


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