Monday, August 24, 2009

Boy Scouts of America Backpack for Mum

Here's a simple little project for you...

Add one Boy Scouts of America backpack and old railroad lock (found mine in Oronoco)... an old rusty metal stand. Fill with potted mum.

The result. One All-American floral display!

Boy Scouts of America...filled with tradition!

Take care and keep on junking!


  1. Cool!!

    I have two mums from LAST YEAR that some how have survived! They aren't pretty, but they are alive.

  2. Love this bag, Candy!! Great find in Oronoco! And it really showcases the mum, and the big lock and chain are a great embellishment for it. You got some good junk going on here, girl!


    PS If you end up getting this comment a zillion times from me, it's because I kept getting an error saying it didn't post. Must be some glitch in Blogger! Grrrr . . .

  3. I love it! For some reason I have trouble growing and keeping mums alive...

  4. Candy, my friend - I knew you'd do something fabulous with your backpack!

    It looks great!


  5. Candy - this is so neat! I am thrilled to see it, because I was recently fortunate to find several locks on chain exactly like this! Love the embellishing you do on everything - it's just perfect! Glad to see you and the other gals had fun at Oronoco! Andrea

  6. this is a fun idea - i had an old army snow boot - just one - that i did the same kind of thing to - i just love the mix of materials in something like this - love it!! troy


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