Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hitting the Road


Well, folks. The day has finally arrived to pack up and ship out. Tomorrow morning Kathy and I will be rolling down the highway headed straight for Minnesota! From Wednesday to Sunday, we'll hang with the ladies of JUNKMARKET Style...

Sue and Kimberly really know how to grab hold of like-minded junkers and keep them coming back to their site day after day! Can't wait to meet them!

Another highlight of our trip will be attending Oronoco's Gold Rush Days which is an amazing fleamarket and antiques show! Woot! Woot! Joining Kathy, Sue, Kimberly and me will be Lani and Gretchen. We've made plans to stroll through Oronoco's junk-filled streets throughout the day Saturday, making Amy's booth our destination! Amy is hosting one heck-of-a blog party, complete with a junker's potlock and book signing from Sue Whitney! Won't you join us?
(Check out Amy's site for more details.)

It's a rare treat for me to be able to enjoy extended time with friends, so I will savor every moment of this trip! I'm just hoping my family will remember me when I return.

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  1. Have fun for all of us who can't make it! ~Mindy

  2. Anxiously awaiting your visit! Safe and super fun travels!

  3. Candy~ I hope you girls have a splendiferous time! I SO want to be there, but it's just too close to JunkFest! It's crunch time here! Safe travels!

  4. We're back - safe and sound - missing my new junking buddy already! FYI - Candy CAN tweet! :)

    Love ya, Kathy


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