Thursday, August 20, 2009

Junkologie Blog Party - Oronoco Gold Rush 2009

Man, oh man, did Amy host one FABULOUS blogger party! Good friends and bloggers, good junk and good eats are the perfect combo, and she did it up big! It appeared to have gone without a hitch.

Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET, set up shop using the coolest boogie board table ever! I believe they were props from Amy's Junkologie booth. Perfect for a good book signing I thought.

Kimberly Melamed from JUNKMARKET was the sweetest thing ever, just as I had imagined!

Sue shares some junk tales with Kim Adams of Rockler Woodworking and Hardware along with Kim's daughter.

I got to share some time with Marge of Emma's Nook and Granny, including time around a campfire later that evening! Good times.

I know, I know. You're thinking been there, done that. But how can you resist striking a Junk Angels pose whenever Cheryl with Tomboy Tools is around with all those cool pink tools? Here she is with with Sue and Kathy...ready to take on the all bad junk in the world! (Is there such a thing?)

Sorry for the mini photos, folks, but my twitpic decided to mess with me while twittering over the weekend. If you squint, you can see the Kountry Junkers with Sue and Amy as well as Amy inside her booth.

A sampling of the fabulous JUNKMARKET Style contributors - Kathy, Lani, me and Gretchen!

Isn't this an amazing piece of gas pump junk? Sue found it at a young junker's booth and snatched it right up! It was definitely the hit for photo opp props.

Let's EAT! Amy organized such a wonderful junker's potlock, I tell you. Bloggers were asked to bring along a snacky snack placed inside their favorite piece of junk. Boy were there some great ideas!

The Kountry Junker's claim to fame during the potlock was the coolest salsa and chips spread I've ever seen. Their food was fab and the old grill they used as a table was equally fab!

The Pfarkel Sisters provided everyone an amazing rice and bean salad. Check out the chilled wines underneath. Very nice!

Kathy with Sylvia's Vintage Daughter also won a wonderful prize for her creation. It's a vintange lamp with an old glass globe used as the dish. Lovely!

Cheryl got many chuckles with this one (check out the close up). Let me tell you her zucchini bars were TO DIE FOR!

She definitely keeps things clean.

There was also a cool little tray of cookies from JUNKMARKET that was so versatile.

And then there was my conconction. I didn't realize it until later I may have stolen the flowers from the Pfarkel sisters. Oops! Sorry ladies. Thought Sue bought those at the store when she picked up our goodies!

So as you can see, fun was had by all. Check out my 2-minute snippet below that I took during the party. You can hear the cool music Amy had playing! It all rocked!


  1. Yeah! I've been waiting for pictures from the bloggers' party. Thank you, thank you. Looks like SO much fun and such clever ideas. Love the idea of the lunch pail for plates/napkins. But next time don't steal the Pfarkel sisters flowers, they seem like such nice ladies.

  2. Thanks for taking us where we couldn't go ourselves, dern it! Great Pixs.

  3. Okay, is third time the charm??? I keep trying to post and it goes who knows where. I know how you feel, Candy. LOL! Any-who, great post! We had soooo much fun! Love, ya. You are a real "tweet heart". Ha! Next time, we'll travel to your neck of the woods. Thanks again for a great weekend. Big hugs!


    PS Hope you don't get this post three times now! Also, loved the You Tube video!

  4. I'm drooling over all that good junk!

    I love how the food was set up with junk as the cool!

    You know that gas pump piece? There's a shoe store here in town on the courthouse square called "Pumps" and they have an old gas pump face piece outside the front door...I've always thought that was clever since the store is called Pumps. hee!!

  5. Great post Candy, and fun how you got great detailed shots of everyones clever Junk repurposing for the feast of food at the Blog Party.

  6. That's look so fun! Is this year blogger party will be held again??

  7. Absolutely fun! It is really how you make things fun and creative.

  8. Love your post! Very interesting and I had fun.

  9. The pictures itself show that the people in that activity had a great time. I hope to be apart of that activity this year.


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