Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oronoco Gold Rush Days Stash

My trip to Minnesota this past week can be best summed up using Darren with Junk Mafia's favorite word.


I will share a series of posts in the coming days detailing my experience across state lines. There was just way too much going on those five days to fit everything into just one measely post! The first in the series focuses solely on my AWESOME finds from Gold Rush Days and some of the sweet junky gifts I was given during my stay.

Speaking of gifts, in addition to her offering the amazing comforts of her home, the genuinely kind Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, provided me this, ahem, keychain. (Don't you see cool pendant written all over it?) This "fitted-jean" chica knows how to make a person feel welcome and I hope to one day be able to exchange the hospitality.

Got me a great black and white sign at Amy of Junkologie's booth! I'm hoping to confuse the heck out of people when I use this sign in the coming weeks. ;) I bought a few other junky pieces from her amazing booth (which was seriously one of the BEST booths in the entire place) and I made sure to purchase one of her awecome ijunk tees! Head to her website to check them out after you finish up here. Very, very cool!

Fellow JUNKMARKET Style contributor, Gretchen, was such a sweetheart and gifted me one of her beautiful creations. I didn't remove it during my entire stay! Her blog, Mimi-Toria's Designs features some of her gorgeous jewelry which is a must see! I can't recall hearing so many people talk about a designer's jewelry as much as I heard this past week. Way to go, Gretchen!

I was in search of feed or burlap sacks to use with a couple projects and boy did I hit the jackpot! The price was right so I snagged up all they were selling except for two. Finished project to come...

These brass letter press stamps were the coolest things ever! I was particularly drawn to the "9s" since the #9 is our family number. (It stems from my birthday being 9/9 and my husband's 9/27).

Can you see using this SPARE PARTS ROLL for an M14 as a fleamarket tote? I can, and it was a nice little freebie a vendor included with my purchases.

This street sign says Junkologie all the way! Amy gave me the pick of the litter as a gift and of course my 10 year old agrees with me this is the coolest thing ever!

My road trip friend, Kathy of Sylvia's Vintage Daughter, was sneaky and remembered a previous post of mine online that said I'd love to have a vintage stamp holder but I felt they were always so spendy. Along with a bunch of other little goodies, Kathy included this cute little number that I'm just dying over. Love it!

So these are my goods from Oronoco. How'd I do?

I'll have more posts to come. I'd love to hear from others that attended Oronoco Gold Rush Days and hear what your experience was! My first time was amazing!


  1. Girl,
    I want to know what the heck are you going to do with that padlock and chain attached to it. I am sooooooooooooooo envious on that trip.
    Looking forward to doing some junking.
    Take care

  2. You did excellent! I can't wait to see what you're doing with the burlap sacks!

    I've been on the lookout for a huge old sign that has some sort of "diner" reference for my kitchen. No such luck yet, but I'm persistent! :)

  3. Candy, you found some awesome things. Can't believe the one bag was a freebie! Awesome finds. Can't wait to see more of your posts on the weekend. It was way too much fun!


  4. You done GOOD! I am drooling over every single one of those items. Keep the posts coming.

  5. I am interested to see what you do with your bread pan. I have one and currently use it to hold our house phone and decorative items in our kitchen. Wondering what something wonderful you will come up with! I know I will be inspired!

    Tanya in TX

  6. boy candy you hit the jack pot. i am still in mexico drooling and having junk with drawls. i took a pic for sue this am on a walk about. i will be making plans for next year to hook up with all of you great guys!

  7. Boy Candy did you ever make up on Saturday shopping for great finds to make up for Fridays minimal time shopping. Awesome finds you accumulated. I only saw a few of your treausures while down there, so it is fun to see your purchases and love how you've photographed them. Excellent my girl!
    What a blast it was to meet you and you and Kathy were such troopers with the winging it experience we provided you. Thanks for being such good sports.
    My finds accumulated pretty much fit into a small size suitcase, so it is funny to see the difference in what each one of us collects. Mine could of been held in my lap on a drive home. lol Love your stuff and can't wait to see your fun repurposing you do with everything.
    Thanks btw for the nice comments you gave about my jewelry. Your a real gem! Get it? lol

  8. Wonderful stuff! Ack, I am so jeolous!

  9. Juat discovered your blog. And what perfect timing. Your stash is amazing -- I would have also grabbed each and everyone of these items!

  10. Kate Spade called me she wants the card table back you have hanging on your wall


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