Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Collectible Christmas

For me, it's easier to decorate one little area of my home at one time for the holidays, and then move on to the next...time permitting of course. I discovered this after having children. If I attempt to tackle an entire room it just doesn't work.

Ending up with rooms only half completed and incorporating the green and red storage tubs as part of my holiday decor, is just not the look I go for.

So what I will do with my blog is record my completed holiday it occurs. It may take me until 3 days before Christmas to finish everything, but you'll see it all.

I like to wait a few more weeks before I snag some greenery from the outdoors and purchase my berries. Those two things always make this collection look so pretty! So stay tuned.

About my collections/stuff:
The shelving unit was retrieved from the trash of a former neighbor of mine. Free.
Each of the white pottery pieces cost between $.50 to $3 each.
The crystalized branches were given to me by my mother. She received them (and more) from a family friend that works in a gorgeous landscaping nursery. Free.
Vintage silver balls - Purchased 3 large boxes at a thrift store. $1/ box.
Linen wrapped box - The box was used to hold seashells I purchased at a barn sale. Free
Vintage disc dangelies cut from old Bingo cards given by my mother. Free

Come back for more of my holiday decor. I think this will keep me on track too so please leave your comments! I love them so!!

Keep on junking!


  1. The Price is Right! And so is the look, Candy. You are right on with some great looks! I like the bingo card cut outs. Keep up the good work and the posting. Can't wait to see what's next! ~Mindy

  2. Oh, come on now, you know you love the red and green tubs! They serve as extra seating and as side tables during holiday parties! LOL

    I *love* all of the white! So chic!

  3. Your "free" looks like a million bucks!

    The Texas Woman

  4. Love your style... very classy and love the price!! Blessings

  5. Whoaaaaaaaaa...that is one glamerous Christmas look you got goin on! It is getting me itchin to get my stuff out. My fave look is vintage or retro as well...I tend towards more reds..and I love apple green too...but yours in the gorgeous. cherry

  6. I really enjoyed this post! Great ideas, Candy! Simply beautiful!


  7. Oh ~ how beautiful! I found you via Junk Market Style and am enjoying my visit here.

  8. It's a lovely collection of holiday home decors.... very nice.


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