Friday, November 7, 2008

I Want to Thank the Academy...

The Junkers' Academy that is. Thank you Lanette from Cottage Elements for the Kreativ Blogger award!! I've always enjoyed your blog and your great ideas as a Contributor on the JUNKMARKET Style site. Truly an inspiration for all my habitual junking habits! Check out the cool place she visited on her blog called Funky Junque.

To accept this award I must list six things that make me happy.
1) My family
2) Our health
3) Junking weekends
4) A clean and orderly home
5) A nice soft cozy bed
6) Lost pounds

I want to also thank Gari-Ann from The Undomesticated Wife for the Kreativ Blogger award as well! When I received the award from her about a month ago I didn't know what the heck I was doing with this blog so I never did anything with the award. I'm so sorry it took so long for me to actually post it! Gari-Ann has such a great wit and is truly deserving of this award for her creative budget decor ideas. Fun stuff so make sure you stop by her blog!

The blog award rules for her award:
List 6 things about yourself and
Pass this award on to 6 other bloggers

1) I'm the youngest of five children and we're all girls.

2) I was born on the same day, same year and same hospital as Macy Gray...Macy who you ask?

3) I was robbed at gunpoint while at my job in college. Scary stuff.

4) My favorite rock band is the Foo Fighters. I've been a, fan, for years.

5) I am addicted to junk and flea market decorating books. So much that I can't afford my habit any longer. The librarians know me by name now.

I must pass this award along to six deserving Kreativ bloggers and I will happily do so.

P. at Frippery

A Beach Cottage

Mindy at Primitiques 'N Poetry

Colleen at Fresh Vintage

Bec at Beyond the Picket Fence

Vanessa at V and Co

Thank you again Lani and Gari-Ann! And thank you to the additonal bloggers I send this award to!

Keep on Junking!


  1. What an unexpected honor! Thank you so much! I can't wait to peruse through these other blogs you mentioned. I always enjoy your wit, creativity, and the fact that you share all those great tips! You rock! ~Mindy

  2. Thanks so much. I always love to visit your blog, it's nice to know someone feels the same about mine.Keep on junkin'! Pam

  3. I was with ya until number four - a clean and orderly home!

    The Texas Woman

  4. Cher ~ I said it made me happy...not that I had one. ;)

  5. A very well deserved award. I love your blog and all of the creative things you do. Brava!

    Take care,


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