Saturday, November 1, 2008

The library - free home decor?

Most libraries hold either monthly or quarterly book sales to rid themselves of books no longer being circulated. Oftentimes they accept donated books from the community as well so they can raise funds for the library at these fantastic sales.

I have taken advantage of these sales in the past mainly for my children. I mean, how often can you buy books at $.10/ea. or 12 for $1.00? It's almost unheard of. I recently came upon a section near the entry of the library that has a huge shelving system with a FREE sign hung at the top. It is my understanding these books have remained at the sale month after month without being purchased so they need to weed them out from time to time.

I was then drawn to a small grouping of books with different shades of green on these shelves. They were all vintage gardening books! Some of them have really nice botanical black and white photos inside. I thought why not leaf through them once and a while but display them as part of my budget home decor when not in use? Best of all, they're free!

I also picked up a couple free red-colored old books to be displayed during the holidays. One was dated 1860 and was not a library book! The pages have the greatest time worn look.

Just a cheap and easy home decor tip!

Happy junking to all of you.



  1. What a deal! I love the decor, and the fun you'll have looking at the pictures is something to be envied! ~Mindy

  2. Your book finds are GRATE.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist saying that. I do like your books AND your grate/great header!

    The Texas Woman

  3. Oh my gosh! I am so jealous of that great deal! Love that chair in your last post.


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