Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Craigslist on Election Day

The girls had the day off from school due to Election Day so I packed them up in the van and we were enroute to vote. But first we needed to make a pitstop at a fellow Craigslister's house to purchase a small bookcase they had for $10. It's just over 4' tall.

I read somewhere - I believe it was in a book by a Country Living contributor - to never pass up inexpensive solid wood pieces because you can do so much with them. I've followed that advice ever since.

I thought the feet and scrolled top looked feminine, therefore I will paint and distress it to use it in my two youngest daughters' room. As you can see their current bookcase is a cheap, pressed board mess with no back. And I am so not into pressed board. Their bedroom is vibrant apple green 2/3 of the way up the wall, cotton candy pink on top. Do you suggest I paint the new piece white or is there something out their that could make the piece cute and funky?

Now back to my Craigslist story. I arrive at the home with the bookcase and look what all I brought home with us! I didn't know they would have such great additional items. Thank goodness I brought a little extra cash.

This old luggage stand was owned by the gentleman's mother who would have celebrated her 100th birthday this month if she were still living.

His parents owned a small restaurant and he remembered as a kid seeing his dad write the specials on this real slate chalkboard. I think I would have been hard-pressed to get rid of this beauty but I'm glad he did! ;) I hope he understands it's in good hands now.

This old wood laundry hamper has what appears to be a calendar page decoupaged to the front. It is solid! I have plans to paint it but haven't decided if I want it in my master bath or to keep by the front door as an umbrella holder or something useful like that. We have a laundry chute so it seems rather pointless in the bathroom and I have enough stuff that just sits around. I need items that can be made useful.

And check out this adorable little cutie of a chair. This will definitely get painted and will be used as plant stand or to hold books.

Just a size comparison to show you just how tiny this thing is. So sweet! I bet I could hang it on the wall as a shelf it's so small.

And then finally, the nice man threw in an old typewriter that was used by his parents. I thought it was pretty cool and so did my girls.

He even had a little message in it waiting for the right buyer. I guess some subliminal advertising.

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and keeping up with my blog. Your comments really mean a lot to me and I enjoy each and every one of them. I can't wait to finish some of my projects and show you.

Keep on junking!



  1. Great, great finds! I love Craigslist too! We've seen the "before" pictures; be sure to post the "after" for us!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Wow, you always find the coolest "junk!" LOVE the typewriter!!! I know they can be hard to find since people have been taking the keys off to make jewelry.

    I also really love the chalk board. That is fantastic!

    Thanks for being a nice blog friend, too! Everyone's supportive comments have been helping to lift my spirits.


  3. The chalkboard, luggage rack and small chair make me drool. Very nice! OH! And the shelf unit rocks. Great lines. I think you are right, white for the girls' room. Love your stuff! ~Mindy

  4. Super finds!
    Go get some paint and start.

    And if you need a drink, try some Japanese sweat ! ???

    Gina from Germany

  5. You really found some neat stuff. I found a little chair like that, wish I would have bought both of them now. I can't bring myself to paint it, though. I just love the wood color of it. I keep it on my porch to hold stuff like pumpkins, etc. Karen


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