Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vintage typewriter - Photo display

A Clipper I can be chipper about! I was given this Smith Corona typewriter from a wonderful Craigslister on Election Day. Talk about winning!

It was as easy as changing the font for the text to Batik Regular and printing out a black and white photo of my girls. This will get really fun when I switch out the photos for the different seasons.

As dirty as it was when it was handed to me, I knew it would clean up nicely!

Now if only I can keep my girls' hands off this thing! That will be the challange.

Have a wonderful day and keep on junking!


  1. What a great idea. Very nice.

  2. Hi, Candy. I love this idea! Also, look on my blog. I gave you an award! Keep up the good work!

    Lanette @ Cottage Elements

  3. Cute display. I never seem to find vintage typewriters, or if i do, they are too much. Maybe one of these days!

  4. hmmmm. That's a great idea! I bought an old typewritter from a garage sale when i was in high school, I think. I thought it was so cool and vintage-y. I never found a way to display it. I know I've thought about donating it over and over, so I'll have to check around and see if it's still hanging around my basement somewhere.

  5. I have an old typewritter that was my dads... I have always wondered how to display it!
    thanks for the darling idea

    Ann Marie

  6. i realize this is an old post. but the idea is still fresh and awesome. and i'll be doing this project today!

    thanks for the great hint!


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